Jim Cornette On Hulk Hogan – “As Full Of Sh*t As A Christmas Turkey”

Hulk Hogan

Jim Cornette has given his thought on Hulk Hogan and acknowledges him as one of the biggest wrestling stars of all time while taking him to task for being economical with the truth.

Cornette was speaking on his ‘Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru’ podcast when he was asked by a listener why he seemingly never had a good word for Hogan.

According to Cornette, it’s for one simple reason:

“We have given him credit that he deserves. He was one of the biggest gate attractions in the history of wrestling. He was the guy in the eighties and compared to The Ultimate Warrior, Hogan could work. Not well, he wasn’t a big bumper. But the only thing we’ve ever taken Hogan to task about is the obvious. That he lies like Donald f*cking Trump.”

“He’s the most exaggerating, fabricating, outright, out of f*cking thin air bullsh*tter. Remember in his book he said he wrestled 400 times a year because when he would fly back from Japan he crossed the International Date Line and wrestled twice in the same day? Remember when he’s said anything he’s ever said?! And that’s why I always said he’s Hulk Hogan, he was already the biggest star in the business, he’s already been in movies, he’s already a cultural icon of some description. You don’t need to keep exaggerating and lying.”

“[…] It’s insane. That’s what we give him the sh*t for because he’s as full of sh*t as a Christmas turkey. As Mama Cornette would say ‘he’s so full of sh*t his eyes are brown.’ He just exaggerates, lies, and/or fabricates really ridiculous stuff. […] You can’t believe anything Hulk Hogan said.”

Jim Cornette continued discussing Hogan’s straightforward in-ring style but says a Hulk Hogan of today could change the wrestling business:

“I didn’t like Hulk Hogan matches for the most part because he didn’t put any f*cking effort into them. It was all sizzle and no steak because that’s what Vince [McMahon] liked. In Japan, he showed what he could, a bit. But as far as him and Flair, Flair was my guy, Flair was my world champion, that’s the world champion of professional wrestling. Hulk Hogan can say his prayers and eat his vitamins. But yes he was a big f*cking megastar. Gosh, can you imagine if you could find a Hulk Hogan today that would just tower over these children, that can f*cking go out there and talk to people and get them involved and then slay some f*cking monsters. Maybe that would rejuvenate the business. I can’t think of what else might.”

Cornette also recently discussed recently released WWE official Drake Wuertz. The legendary manager of The Midnight Express was even more forthright in his opinions on Wuertz.

Credit: Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru

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