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Jim Cornette On Full Gear Spot – “If This Was WWE, They’d Have Sued”

Santana Ethan Page Full Gear

Jim Cornette has given his take on a spot at AEW’s recent Full Gear event and thinks the company is playing with fire having stars leap into the crowd.

At Full Gear, Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle faced off with American Top Team and Men Of The Year in a Minneapolis Street Fight. The bout was a wild ten-man brawl with the action taking place seemingly in all corners of the ringside area.

Speaking on his Drive-Thru podcast, Jim Cornette picked out one spot from the match that he took issue with. Cornette commented on Santana and Ethan Page fighting into the crowd and says it’s only a matter of time before AEW wind up with a lawsuit on their hands:

“Santana threw [Ethan] Page into the crowd and told the security guard to get down on his hands and knees and jumped off him and onto Page and the fans, and wiped one of the fans out. The fan was grimacing up until the point where they smartened up and got the camera off because they realised that it wasn’t one of their guys.”

“That wasn’t no f*cking plant, nothing came of it, they wiped out one of the fans. If this was the WWE, that guy would be a millionaire next year, because he would sue! But these fans think it’s [OK]. It’s like at Ring of Honor when people thought it was an honour for someone to do a dive onto them and knock their teeth out.”

“I’ve said this is going to happen and it’s going to happen. It just hasn’t happened lately where we got all of the modern fans know, but one of these f*ckers will kick one of these people’s teeth out. They will go home with no teeth in their mouth and someone in their family who is smarter than they are will say ‘You know the guy who owns that company is a billionaire. There you go.”

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