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Jim Cornette On Edge – “This Guy Is A Modern Looking Ric Flair”

Edge World Heavyweight Champion

Jim Cornette has heaped praise on WWE Hall Of Famer Edge ahead of his WrestleMania main event against Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan.

Cornette worked in a backstage role in WWE when Edge joined the company in 1997. Soon after his debut, Edge began feuding with Gangrel. The vampiric Gangrel introduced Edge’s ‘brother’ – Christian – into the story and soon Edge joined the pair, forming The Brood.

Discussing the former four-time WWE Champion on his Cornette’s Drive-Thru podcast, Cornette gave his thoughts on Edge.

Cornette stated:

“I think he was a great talent, he got over at a time when people were still thankfully watching the business. I think that you know, the TLC matches I could have done without but I was a fan of his as a worker since the first time I saw him when he was Adam Copeland having the try-out match with Christian, and I’ve said that he’s a great worker. He’s a different-looking guy. He was a good-looking athlete. I love the Brood sh*t. I loved his trench coat, I loved his long rock star hair. He could f**king go and he could talk.”

“He was a top guy, but I think he actually could have been more of a top singles guy, which is what I would have done from the time I first saw him. I thought this guy is a modern‑looking Ric Flair type, pretty boy chicken sh*t heel. [I wouldn’t] even say chicken sh*t but he could take the bumps and he could beg off and then he could be on offence. He could be vicious and he had facial expressions and he could work and he had the body.”

Cornette then explained how we would have used Edge from the beginning if he’d been in charge:

“I was sold on him the first time I saw him to use as a top heel and figure in three to five years. This guy’s got to be one of or the top single heels in the company. That’s what I would have done had it been me, but The Brood was good and the vampires were hot at that point so that was fine but I would have done more with him as a single and pointed him in that direction as a start.”

Jim Cornette has also recently discussed his thoughts on a section of AEW fans that react to his criticism of the company.

Credit: Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru

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