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Jim Cornette on Braun Strowman – “He Looks Like A Fisher-Price Choo-Choo Toy”

Braun Strowman

Jim Cornette has given his take on the train sound effects added to a Braun Strowman match on the latest episode of WWE Raw.

During his match with Elias, Strowman performed his trademark move of running around the ring and laying out everyone in sight with his momentum. On this week’s Raw, WWE added the noise of a freight train while he was in motion.

Speaking on the ‘Jim Cornette Experience’, the legendary manager said, in his own inimitable style, that he thought Strowman should have pushed back on the idea of adding the effects when it was put to him.

“If I was a serious top main event star and competitor and some editor on the production team decided to drop in train choo-choo noises when I was doing my big run around the ring and shoulder tackle somebody spot on television, I would go and grab them by the neck and squeeze their britches full.”

Cornette went on to critique the way the ‘Monster Among Men’ uses the shoulder tackle.

“Here’s the thing, have you ever seen a s******r looking shoulder tackle in your life than what he gives these guys? They’re taking bumps, flying over railings, flying through tables, act like they’ve been hit by an 18-wheeler and he’s barely touching them.

“The guy that went over the desk, he got his hands up and just pushed him over the desk, he runs around with the other guy he barely grazes him with his shoulder and the guy goes down like he’s been hit by the barge that’s stuck in the Suez Canal. You can see daylight coming through there, and now it doesn’t look like a train, it looks like a goddamn Fisher-Price choo-choo toy. Now with sound effects.”

Over the last few weeks, Braun Strowman has been involved in a feud with Shane McMahon, who has attempted to humiliate him at every turn, even pouring going so far as to pour buckets of slime over the big man. Strowman will get his hands on McMahon at WrestleMania 37 where the two are finally set to face off.

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