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Jim Cornette On Bad Bunny WrestleMania Debut – “It Should Be On AEW”

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Speaking on the latest episode of his Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru podcast, Cornette has given his appraisal of the in-ring debut of Bad Bunny at WrestleMania.

While Bad Bunny initially received great acclaim for his performance both online and from those in attendance, Jim Cornette has taken a different view.

Breaking down the match on his long-running podcast, the legendary manager explained that Bad Bunny did too much. Which created a situation where it diminished the work of the full-time wrestlers in the match, by making wrestling look too easy.

That’s what’s wrong with it! He did everything. Explain to me how why makes any sense in the world to present, a f***ing 145lb rapper, in his first professional wrestling match, that would go along with the first professional sport that he’s ever participated in, and he’s as competitive with the wrestlers and/or as able to do these f***king moves as they are. Explain to me why that makes any sense at all, or makes wrestling seem easy, or that any schlub, can go to a wrestling training centre can do it.”

Cornette went onto comment that just because Bad Bunny can do these moves, doesn’t mean that he should be allowed too. Calling the person who allowed him to compete in the match in this way a “f***ing idiot,” before adding:

“This should be on AEW. This is the closest thing I’ve ever seen in the WWE to a Make-A-Wish match.”

The former manager of the Midnight Express went to explain how he would have laid out the match, while also declaring himself as a big fan of Damian Priest.

“A reverse, heel manager match, where this guy is the babyface, he’s the celebrity. So Damian Priest starts. And Damian Priest outwrestles the heels. And then Priest sets up a couple of things that Buggs [Bad Bunny] can come in and do, and get even with the heels. They get their comeuppance from Buggs because Damian Priest sets it up and then somehow the heels catch Buggs all by himself and f***king stop him and get a little steam on him. Cause’ the guy can sell, and they toy with him and don’t take him seriously, as they wouldn’t which gives him chance to escape, and get the f***ing tag and Damian Priest makes a comeback. Bing. Bing. Bing. Set’s something up and then Buggs can get the f***ing pin if he wants to.”

Elsewhere, Bad Bunny’s performance drew praise from Mick Foley and Randy Orton, who praised the dedication that went into his performance.

Prior to event it was revealed that Bad Bunny had been trained by Adam Pearce and Drew Gulak, while Pearce was also credited as the match’s producer on the night.

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