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Jim Cornette On AEW Street Fight – “It’s Just Insulting At This Point”

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AEW Revoltion is a pay-per-view that is set to reside in wrestling infamy due to the anti-climatic ending to the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch. Not that Revolution was a one match show as Sting returned to action in a Street Fight alongside Darby Allin against Team Taz. Sting would eventually pick up the win, but on his Cornette’s Drive Thru podcast, Jim Cornette has delivered a scathing assessment of the action.

The former owner of Smokey Mountain Wrestling surmised the match as the “cinematic movie that Sting always wanted to make” before adding “I think Sting’s got to be pissed that he never got to make movies like the WWF guys, and this is his last chance.”

Cornette went on to question the overall presentation of the match where the announcers commentated over the action as if it was live, despite it clearly being pre-taped.

“I don’t even know where to start. They did live commentary over a movie, you know that the announcers, and Taz joined them, his team was in the Street Fight but he was there at the announce desk, and you know that the announcers are live. But you also know that what you’re looking at has to be taped because there’s no way that it can possibly be live unless everybody that’s watching it is on acid, so when the announcers are talking about it, is it present tense? Is it past tense? At one point Taz was cheering for one of the guys to get out of the way!”

The legendary manager further explained his issues with the filming and the production, commenting that too much focus had been put on camera angles rather than the actual action that was taking place.

“The cinematic part of it look like it was shot by a wannabe director for an 80’s MTV video. It’s like where one of those deals where somebody in f**king first year film school. It doesn’t matter if the content makes any sense or not, or if the performance is any good, as long as all the camera angles are cool.”

Jim Cornette continued by declaring that the match was an insult.

“This was an insult to anybody who has ever worked in professional wrestling that they would try pass this off as a Street Fight and expect you to pay for it. And Sting beat Starks, somehow, I don’t care.”

The opinion diving Cornette went on to express his dislike for cinematic matches, commenting that “cinematic is another word for fake.”

“Cinematic is another word for cheating, and another word for bulls**t, and another word for fake and another word for an offence against professional wrestling.”

He would further go on to add that the cinematic match was “just insulting.”

However, Cornette’s criticism wasn’t solely reserved for the cinematic contest as he also described the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch as a“Garbage cartoon parody” in reviewing the show.

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