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Jim Cornette On AEW Revolution Explosion – “Y’all Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself”

AEW Revolution

The ever-controversial Jim Cornette has weighed in on the much-discussed ending to AEW’s Revolution PPV describing the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch as a “Cartoon Garbage Parody”.

Speaking on Episode 182 of Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru, Cornette would discuss the entire AEW Revolution PPV in detail, criticising the show for it’s running time and for its presentation of professional wrestling.

Talking with co-host Brian Last, Cornette would state:

“By the way, at this point, we were three-hours into this show, four if you count the pre-show and the CEO of Moxley Plumbing was still out in the parking lot. Three-hours into the…that used to cost money, I wonder if it still does. Because in the time that we started doing PPV with Crockett and later on with WCW and with the WWF and TNA…not the Ring of Honour PPV’s because they were Internet PPV’s and sometimes they weren’t on that. However, with all the regular televised PPV events, you had a three hour satellite window and that’s why the rule always used to be that the show [and I know the In Your House events were two hours but stick with me on this] the point is an even amount of time you had a three-hour window on the PPV, the PPV had to go off the air by 2:55 in because they needed five minutes to rerack the replay and get it up by the top of the hour, and if you went long they would charge you for another hour of satellite time. This fuc*ing thing was four hours longe, five if you count the PPV, and god damn the greatest cards in the history of wrestling weren’t that long and they had good matches top to bottom, this was a dreck top to bottom and it was interminably long…are they trying to punish people?”

Cornette would continue on discussing the match between [as he dubbed it] ‘The Ceo of Twinkle Toes Theatrics and The CEO of Moxley Plumbing’ criticising AEW’s decision to share the schematic plans Kenny Omega had drawn up for the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch, stating that it would be alike to Dusty Rhodes allowing son Dustin to draw the WarGames cage aged twelve and putting it on national television:

“It looked like somethign a nine year old would do at summer camp, and they tweeted it out…as if to, that would make, can you imagine if Dusty had let Dustin when he was twelve draw a picture of the WarGames cage and they put it on TBS”

Speaking on the ending of the match, Brian Last would pitch in to discuss his opinion on the ending of the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch:

“It certainly was…deflaiting the ending to that match.”

Jim Cornette would state that he understands the usage of barbed wire within wrestling matches, further stating that he has in fact booked Barbed Wire Cage matches and similar gimmick matches in his time as a booker using them as storytelling devices within blood-feuds to prevent the heel from escaping. Cornette would however criticise AEW’s inclusion of a singular side of the ring with non-barbed wire ropes and the ability of the performers to leave the ring easily under the bottom rope:

“I can buy the wire around the ring ropes right, i have been involved in and i have booked barbed wire cage matches where barbed wire was around the ring so people could get out or nobody could get in…except that wasn’t what this was. They just wrapped barbed wire arond the ring ropes, but it wasnt on one side where the stage side was so everybody could just get in and out freely and if they didnt wanna bother going to the stage side they could just drop down and roll out under the bottom rope.”

In a rare brief moment of compliment, Cornette would offer slight praise towards the opening exchanged between Omega and Moxley stating that it appeared “they might actually know what the f*ck they were doing”, praising the performers for milking the barbed wire and not going right into utilising the explosions.

Cornette would continue stating that this match featured everything that he believes is wrong with modern professional wrestling and included every gimmick that makes him and others ashamed to be fans of professional wrestling:

“They started using all the gimmicks, whether it be the garbage can, Kendo Stick, the chair wrapped in barbed wire, everything thats made pro-wrestling look like sh*t and made people ashamed to be fans of it for the last twenty years, all in one match.”

Summarising his views on the match, Jim Cornette would refer to the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch as:

“The stupidest, fakest looking, most ilogical, most visually comic parody of pro-wrestling that you can ever really put on a big budget production”

Discussing Moxley’s dawning of the crimson mask during the match, Cornette would once again restate his belief that this match was nothing more than a “Cartoon Garbage Parody”

“He is damn near cutting himself to make it seem more real, blood adds drama in a grudge wrestling match not a cartoon garbage parody”

Speaking on the AEW post-show media scrum, Tony Khan would explain the ending to AEW’s revolution PPV as all part of Kenny Omega’s plan to embarrass Jon Moxley and continue his mind games against the former AEW Champion.

“I think we’re all lucky that the bomb going off at the end didn’t really hurt anybody. That Kenny’s big masterplan, that he built a dud. Which, who would’ve thought when he drew up the big plan with crayons that maybe the bomb might fail to take both guys out.”

Jim Cornette would respond to Tony Khan’s explanation on the same episode of the Drive-Thru Podcast, stating:

“And blaming the heel for making a bad gimmick, you know what Tony Khan the heel used to be able to take heat like that. When the heel would say something on television and the promotor would get in trouble he would say oh its that god damn heel we can’t control him… or when the heel would cheat and win a match, and the promotors trying to be a babyface he’d go well it’s the heels fault. When people believed wrestlingcthat worked but now you and the rest of your Ilk, i dont care whether you have one dollar or a billion dollars you are nerds living out your fantasies, while you’re playing pocket pool in your moms basement. Booking your live action, action figures that your daddy biught you…it doesn’t work that way anymore because all of you insipid little twerpts have told people over and over that wrestling is all fake and funny and b*llsh*t… so now you have to own up to your f*cking mistakes instead of blaming it on the heel because that don’t work anymore because you f*cked it up”

Finally, Cornette would respond to, AEW President and CEO, Tony Khan’s claims that he wasn’t sure what fans really wanted outside of actually blowing the ring and performers up at the climax of the show:

“I don’t know what people really wanted. Unless you wanted us to actually explode the guys at the end, there’s only so much you can do. So without actually blowing the ring and both guys up, I think the basic explanation is that Kenny’s ring, set to explode, as a heel who built this thing with a hammer and nails as we saw, that the final bomb just didn’t go off.”

Cornette would respond:

“Nobody believes he [Omega] built it, and yes…what did we expect? We expected what you told us was going to happen – the ring was going to blow up. This f*cking idiot Moxley, this balding sack of s*it from Cincinnati, with a f*cking emaciated frame and the idea in his warped mind that he is somehow some big badass that people should be afraid of because he snaps legs and breaks necks – even though he never does any of that. And Harpo Finger F*ck who made his biggest name in Japan sticking his finger up other mens a**es and having contests with s*x dolls, you imaging the two of them together can’t come up with a winner of a gimmick match. No, you said you were going to blow these people up if they weren’t out of the f*cking ring, do we expect you to blow the ring and the people up? No…that’s why we expect you not to have the stupid f*cking match where you have to promise people that you are going to have to blow up the ring and the people in it”

The former WWF Manager would give his closing thoughts on the match and segment as a whole stating that:

“It was a stupid idea that wasn’t going to work, i predicted it everyone else who knows what they are talking about predicted it did too. It didn’t work and y’all should be ashamed of yourself.”

AEW Revolution aired on March 7th, 2021 and is available to purchase on FITE, Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru is available on all major podcast platforms.

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