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Jim Cornette Weighs In On Adam Cole Dynamite Segment – “My God, They Aired This?!”

Adam Cole with Matt Jackson and Don Callis

Legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette didn’t hold back when he gave his thoughts on a recent AEW Dynamite segment featuring Adam Cole and The Young Bucks.

On the November 4th episode of Dynamite, Alex Marvex was interviewing the Superkliq – Adam Cole and The Young Bucks – backstage when, after Nick Jackson claimed they weren’t afraid of anyone, Luchasaurus and Christian Cage, who have had their own issues with the group, appeared.

The situation quickly broke down into a brawl with Luchasaurus’ Jurassic Express teammate Jungle Boy also getting involved. Things ended when Christian hit Cole with a Con-chair-to.

On a recent episode of his ‘Drive Thru’ podcast, Jim Cornette reviewed the segment in his typically outspoken style. While comparing Marvez to South Park’s Officer Barbrady for his lack of reaction to the brawl going on around him, Cornette said he couldn’t believe they even let the segment air.

“Speaking of somebody that came back, Officer Barbrady. Poor Tony Schiavone must have been worn out the past several weeks, his cardio has got to be tremendous for a man his age. But Barbrady was back just in time, I wish I knew how to put the clips on Twitter like the kids do. This was the funniest visual I have ever seen in my life. Folks, Officer Barbrady was interviewing Adam Cole and The Hardly Boyz (sic) in the back, and of course Adam goes first, and as soon as he is finished speaking The Hardly Boyz immediately go into comedy.

“They get scared by Christian Cage and Dino Douche come in, and they get in a fight. They are in front of a bunch of equipment cases in the backstage area, and Marvez had been standing in the middle of them. So when Dino Douche and Christian Cage and The Hardly Boyz and Adam Cole get into this fight, Marvez is in the middle and instead of showing on his face ‘Oh sh*t! I am in the middle of a fight…’ and trying to cover up, run and get out of there, he just stood there.

“He was transfixed and mesmerised with a blank look on his face with his hands up in the air like he was being arrested, and let them all fight around him. I had just written ‘My God they aired this?!’ Because I thought it was a pre-tape. But they had no choice, it was live, they went to the arena straight after that, and they are out in front of the people.”

He went on to describe the rest of the segment, taking particular exception to the Con-chair-to, a move he says he has always disliked.

“They have a sloppy fight in the back of the arena, which Brandon Cutlet ruined also, and even he with the comedy fight and the spray can, suddenly Jungle Boy appeared as they were fighting on the floor. He dove off the stage and cannonballed onto the floor on all of them. Christian got superkicked and Adam Cole, for whatever reason, was crawling on his hands and knees down the ramp. Dino Douche then grabs one of The Hardly Boyz, and chokeslams him on top of Adam Cole.

“Then Jungle Boy got the Snare Trap on Cole and choked him out. And then, Christian, who I like as a person and as a talent, and I know that he and Edge used to do this, and I like Edge too. But the con-chair-to, the stupid f*cking con-chair-to. They chokeslam a guy on top of Adam Cole, then they choke him unconscious, then Christian puts a chair under Adam Cole’s head while he is laying face down, takes another chair and hits the chair that Adam Cole’s head is on, and tries to give the impression that he caved Adam Cole’s skull in.

“But the problem with that, and I have mentioned it every single f*cking time that it’s done, unless I see blood shoot like projectile diarrhea and brain matter and bits of bone splattering everywhere, what they just did was phoney. Not only was what they just did phoney, but then by extension that means that Adam Cole laid there on purpose and let them do it.”

He finished by saying that they might as well have “p*ssed in Adam Cole’s mouth”, while also pointing out that he didn’t have to pay to see Jurassic Express and Christian take on the Superkliq at Full Gear since they had already defeated them on Dynamite.

“Besides that as I asked Vince McMahon one time when he had finished telling the instructions for Antonio Peña’s champion to get beat like a job guy in 3 minutes flat on syndication, I said ‘Why don’t you just p*ss in his mouth while he is down there?’ Why didn’t they just p*ss in Adam Cole’s mouth.

“And this is before the pay-per-view?! Boy howdy! All the heat that Adam Cole and The Hardly Boyz had that we wanted to see the babyfaces get even, we don’t need to pay for that, we just saw it. How much more can you do? Basically you took a teammate like a sack of sh*t and hit him with his own teammate, then you choked him out unconscious, caved his head in and stood over him and f*cking emitted violent epithets. You should have p*ssed in his mouth.”

At Full Gear on November 14th, Jurassic Express and Christian Cage defeated Adam Cole and The Young Bucks when Jungle Boy gave Matt Jackson a Con-chair-to for the pin.

If you use any of the above quotes, please credit Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru with an H/T to Inside The Ropes for the transcription.