Jim Cornette On Why Nobody Will Hire John Laurinaitis

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John Laurinaitis is now a free agent following his quiet WWE termination and he won’t be snapped up by anyone else, if Jim Cornette is to be believed.

Following his name being brought up during the allegations of misconduct against Vince McMahon, the former Johnny Ace was placed on “administrative leave” from his role as WWE’s Head of Talent Relations. His official termination came last Monday, leaving him unemployed.

Jim Cornette has explained why he believes John Laurinaitis doesn’t even need to work another day in his life, speaking on the latest Jim Cornette Experience podcast:

“No [nobody will hire him]. And here’s the one sad thing is he’s probably not going to have to because the executives in that company are paid a f*cking fortune. If they can pay upwards of a million dollars for pu**y, they must have a great disposable income, even though they’re using company money.

I’m sure he said he’d be a complete blithering simpleton if he ever had to work another day in his life after working for them for most of the past 15, 20 years, whatever. So if he ever needs another job, he’s a complete idiot.”

Continuing, Jim Cornette discussed why no-one would be ready to hire hi, given the severity of the allegations against him:

“What wrestling company would, he’s not going to do it for the love of the game? ‘Yeah, I’m gonna come and work an indie show for $500.’ And then what would he do on an indie show? Nobody has, you know, ever raved about John Laurinaitis’ goddamn tremendous dedication to the wrestling business or he wants to go help a bunch of small-time promoters better their business.

So if nobody’s going to pay him the kind of money that he’s used to and gotten accustomed to, and he doesn’t really need money or he shouldn’t. And nobody’s going to bring him in to [work], you know, most of the talent didn’t like him to begin with. And nobody is going to bring him in to create harmony in their locker room. Everybody always said, ‘Well, he’s a great finish guy.’ Well he goddamn spent a lot of time in All Japan working for Giant Baba and people who knew what the f*ck they were doing. So he ought to have picked something up.

He’s never been hailed as a creative genius that was gonna book or write or come up with the stories and the gimmicks and the angles to get to those finishes. Did I mention most of the boys don’t like him, so why does any independent company want to try to bring him in? Probably if they brought him into AEW, he could draw more money in a dunk tank in the locker room and give the boys a bunch of baseballs than he would contributing to the product.”

After enjoying a successful career in Japan and Jim Crockett Promotions, John Laurinaitis retired from pro wrestling in 2000, becoming WCW’s head booker in lieu of Vince Russo’s departure. He subsequently joined WWE, serving in a variety of backstage and on-screen roles during his two decades with the company.

Bruce Prichard temporarily replaced Laurinaitis in the role of WWE’s talent relations head, before Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque was officially appointed to the role of WWE’s Executive Vice President of Talent Relations on the day of Vince McMahon’s official retirement.

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