Jim Cornette Names The Worst Wrestler Who Made It Big

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette never holds back, and the latest example of that is Cornette labeling legendary The Ultimate Warrior as one of the worst wrestlers in the entire industry’s history.

Recently on his “Drive-Thru” podcast, Jim Cornette was questioned by a fan on who he thinks the worst wrestler ever is, and though originally Cornette wasn’t sure how to judge that because he wasn’t sure of the criteria of such, he ultimately made up his decision.

According to Jim Cornette, it’s the late Ultimate Warrior who lands that title, saying that he wasn’t just bad in the squared circle, but he was also bad at doing promos as well. However, Cornette would put some doubts on his decision, saying that the legend was a huge draw in terms of making money.

“And then you’ve got The Ultimate Warrior. Is he the worst wrestler of all time that actually got big and made money? He never had a good match and was always the shi*ts at both promos and in ring. But because he made all that money, because Vince had the fetish over bodybuilders, does that qualify him to be removed from the list of world’s worst wrestlers because he made millions of dollars at it?”

H/T Sportskeeda