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Jim Cornette Names Star As The Best Wrestler In AEW

Jim Cornette

Legendary manager Jim Cornette believes one star is the best wrestler in AEW, and it’s not who you might think!

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Cornette hasn’t minced words when it comes to his criticism of AEW, but he also doesn’t shy away from giving praise when he believes it’s due. Speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience, he reviewed the recent AEW Dynamite match between Dax Harwood and Will Ospreay, and while he’s famously been critical of the New Japan star in the past, he said he wanted to give him another shot in his first singles match in AEW.

“Here are the things that I wrote about Ospreay, because this is the first time that I have seen him in a singles match [in AEW]. Remember, we said the 6 man from last week, I’m trying to see if this guy is as good as they say he is, but he didn’t do anything.”

However, Jim Cornette has been known to praise Dax Harwood and FTR in in the past, even going so far as to call them the greatest in-ring tag team in the world at one time. However, he wanted to watch the match with a critical eye.

“So here with Dax, yes you would have to be a parapalegic to not have a good match with Dax, but I wanted to see something. I wrote down that he looks good, he has a good attitude and he seems to be serious about his wrestling. He is athletic, he’s got a heel demeanor and facial expressions. And they did nice stuff, he takes a big back drop and I am a fan of anyone taking a big back drop these days, you never see it.

“They did a nice heat spot, went to the break where Ospreay kicked Dax into the steps. Of course Ospreay got penalized like we were saying a few days ago, anytime the heel on tv for any company stops the babyface you don’t see any of the heat, they go to the break and when they come back the babyface is making their comeback, what a rib.

“But anyway, Dax did a comeback, hit a bunch of Germans, missed a diving headbutt, Ospreay hit a big splash and got a 2 count. They stared going back and forth with nice stuff and false finishes, and people were going bat sh*t. I wrote that this is great stuff.”

In the end, Jim Cornette revealed that even though he’s been critical of him in the past, he believes Will Ospreay is a much better wrestler than Kenny Omega. He also declared that Dax Harwood is the best wrestler in AEW after watching the bout.

“I wrote 2 things, Dax Harwood is the best wrestler in AEW, and that Will Ospreay blows Twinkletoes Olivier [Kenny Omega] away. If everybody was crowing about somebody being a great wrestler in Japan then it should have been Ospreay instead of Twinkletoes. But then, Ospreay hits some kind of running elbow thingy and beat him 123.

“They did so many things that looked better as a finish, but ok, again, the problem now is, Dax is one of the best if not the best on the AEW roster, which now means that he is being penalized by losing every match that he is put in.”

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