Jim Cornette Names Major Problem With WWE Programming

Jim Cornette

WWE prides itself on its high production values and impressive presentation of its television shows. However, Jim Cornette believes that the current formula employed by the company might actually be taking away from the in-ring action.

It is often said that WWE Superstars have a “formula” for their matches — especially top stars — which they rarely deviate from. This plays into the ‘five moves of doom’ theory and claims that NXT graduates can only wrestle one kind of match.

With that being said, Jim Cornette has claimed that the wrestlers involved are not always given the helping hand needed by how the matches are presented. Speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary manager suggested that WWE’s habit of having a hot start to a match before going into a commercial break disrupts the flow of the action for the viewer.

He added that lengthy entrances and ring introductions can also diminish the actual matches, especially if the added extras last longer than the in-ring action.

“The WWE has a habit of starting a match and doing some kind of alledgedly gripping spot, big dive, big bump, big whatever, where then they go to break in like 90 seconds or two minutes or whatever,” Cornette said.

“Then, there are commercials for three and a half or four minutes, and I think it disrupts the flow of the match, obviously. As well, I think you see these entrances that are interminable and the interviews that go on forever, and even the ring introductions sometimes if they do in-ring intros last longer than the match does on camera, sometimes even in both segments. We always say that diminishes, and I think it does; it diminishes the importance of the match, and then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Jim Cornette Critical Of World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

On a different episode of the podcast, Cornette was also critical of the currently ongoing World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. The veteran said that it made little sense for SmackDown stars to be competing in a tournament for what is going to be a Raw title, especially after the WWE Draft took place just two weeks earlier.

Seth Rollins and AJ Styles are scheduled to meet in the finals of the tournament at Night of Champions on May 27th.

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