Jim Cornette Suggests Multiple AEW Stars WWE Could Be Interested In

WWE AEW Logo over Roster

Jim Cornette has tipped WWE to potentially make a move for numerous AEW stars as the rivalry between the two promotions continues.

From the moment that Triple H was granted creative control in WWE the former World Champion set about reshaping the roster. This has seen the re-signing of numerous stars that he has worked with before, many of which have been put into relatively prominent positions.

There have even been suggestions that The Game has cast his eye towards AEW, with Tony Khan warning WWE over contract tampering. This was followed by a report that the company had made contact with “multiple” AEW stars over moving across wrestling’s great divide.

The prospect of AEW contracted wrestler’s jumping ship again shot into sharp focus following All Out as the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega ended up in a brawl with CM Punk among others, after the former World Champion made disparaging comments about them at the post-show media scrum.

Speaking on a recent episode of his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the legendary manager listed off a number of stars who WWE could be interested in, including Kenny Omega.

“I can see them going after MJF, I can see the WWE being helluva interested in Wardlow [sic]. I can see WWE being completely interested in Powerhouse Hobbs,” said Cornette. “I can even see, okay for the s**ts and giggles let’s see if we can get Omega away from them maybe if, you know, either he’ll listen to us and make the changes we want him to make because at least he looks like an athlete and maybe some of our guys can get something out of him or we’ve taken him away from the competition and they don’t have him.”

Following the chaos after All Out it was reported that the Young Bucks had “sent out feelers” to WWE regarding a move. However, the Jackson brothers have since denied these claims.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.