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Jim Cornette On Which Wrestling Move He Would “Throw In The Bin”

Jim Cornette

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette has had his say on which move in wrestling he could happily never see in any company ever again.

Cornette was discussing the recent feud between Jurassic Express and Christian Cage and The Super Kliq that has been a big part of recent AEW programming.

Speaking on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the former Midnight Express manager reviewed the bout between Jungle Boy and Bobby Fish on AEW Rampage. Cornette says he liked some of the match between the two men, but would quite happily never see another con-chair-to and that the move belongs in the bin:

“So they had done [the con-chair-to] on Wednesday night, and they had one more chance to rectify their mistakes on Friday night. Remember what I said earlier about Jungle Boy, he is great with a veteran that can lead him and make him fight from underneath. Honestly, I had high hopes for Jungle Boy vs. Bobby Fish, for many parts I was happy with those hopes that I had.”

“[…] Here comes Adam Cole, and he and Bobby Fish get some heat on Jungle Boy. And then they pull out 2 chairs from underneath the ring, and the announcers are already calling ‘Oh the con-chair-to!’ Which is as we have mentioned, if I could throw anything in the bin it would be that f*cking con-chair-to. It’s ludicrous, you can’t make it look real.”

The con-chair-to was popularised by Christian and his long-time tag team partner Edge in WWE. While as a duo they would both swing chairs at their opponent’s heads, the one-man version of the move is the one seen recently on AEW television.

At AEW Full Gear, Christian Cage handed the baton to Jungle Boy when the young star took the chair from Cage to hit the nasty-looking move on Matt Jackson to claim the victory for his team in a Falls Count Anywhere bout.

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