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Jim Cornette Names His Mount Rushmore Of Bad Wrestling Influences

Mount Rushmore

Jim Cornette has named his Mount Rushmore of wrestling personalities that he feels has done the most damage to the business over the years.

While several wrestling icons such as The Rock and The Undertaker have named their own personal Mount Rushmore of wrestling personalities in recent weeks, Jim Cornette has taken a different slant on the concept.

Speaking on his Drive Thru podcast, the former manager of The Midnight Express was asked for his Mount Rushmore of shame – comprised of the four people that Cornette feels have done the most damage to the wrestling business:

“I don’t know if that should be a Mount Rushmore or a Sergeant Pepper album cover. I mean sh*tstain [Vince Russo] did irreparable damage. Even though Vince McMahon has been so successful, we must indict him, and rightfully so for f*cking up the territory system.”

“A lot of people have done bad things in a barn that you have never heard of, but we are talking people who have had lasting consequences. We referred to it earlier, Paul Heyman has to live with the garbage wrestling that he fostered with ECW. All the real ECW fans are like ‘We had the Malenkos and the Guerreros.’ Yeah well, that was in the main event rather than the f*cking bodysurfing, table crashing, barbed wire wrapping whatever the f*ck. He has to bear quite a bit of responsibility for that.”

With three of the four spaces filled, Cornette took aim at the former boss of World Championship Wrestling Jim Herd, who Cornette holds culpable for Vince McMahon’s WWE eventually being able to buy out their competition:

“Jim Herd. Vince McMahon won the wrestling war because of Jim Herd. Vince was completely uncontested as far as opposition or meaningful competition from the time that Turner Broadcasting bought the company on November 1st, 1988 until 1995. They got a 7-year head start and never made a f*cking penny, and Herd was there for the first 3 and a half years, he ran off most of the talent, changed the salary structure, killed their efforts to get WWF talent when he f*cked Tully Blanchard.”

“So you’ve got Jim Herd basically is the reason why Vince McMahon, well he might have won anyway, but he certainly wouldn’t have won that quick. TBS got handed Crockett promotions, that just sold out Richmond Virginia with 12,000 people.”

“In 6 months, they couldn’t draw anywhere. Wrestling has been watered down and has been goofy for so long that you can’t blame any of the modern people, they are just going along with what they have seen before. But the root of it all came in the late ’80s and early ’90s. I would say my Mount Rushmore is Jim Herd, Paul Heyman, Vince, and [Russo].”

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