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Jim Cornette On Why MJF Would Be A Good Fit In WWE


With MJF’s status in AEW still in doubt, Jim Cornette has detailed why he believes the star would do well in WWE if he decided to join the company.

Over the past few months, the situation surrounding MJF’s contract status in AEW and his relationship with Tony Khan has been a hot topic in the wrestling world.

From the star publicly declaring that he would move to WWE if the price was right, to a backstage disagreement with the AEW President over his conduct. Things reached boiling point during Double or Nothing weekend as MJF missed a fan-fest event ahead of the show.

Although the star then appeared on Double or Nothing as planned, he blurred the lines between fact and fiction further on the following episode of Dynamite. Live mic in hand, MJF launched into a tirade against the fans, the online wrestling community, and his colleagues before screaming at his “f*cking mark” boss to fire him.

With a move to WWE not being completely off the table for the Salt of the Earth, fans have wondered how he might fare in the company if he did indeed jump ship.

Speaking on his Drive Thru podcast, Jim Cornette has considered the possibility and says he thinks Friedman would do well as WWE are aware that they need fresh talent.

“Well, I think we have seen with Vince agreeing to bring Cody in and giving him everything he wanted and asked for, doing all the right things, they know that they need talent. They know they are going to continue to need talent because it’s not like this is a short-term situation.”

Even so, Cornette foresees some changes to MJF’s character as, for one thing, he wouldn’t be able to swear on WWE TV.

“If MJF went to the WWE, you’re not going to hear ‘sh*t’ or ‘Goddamn’. You’re not going to have the shoot deals where he gets to say ‘f*ck’ and they bleep it or whatever that was the other night. Whether they knew he was going to say f*ck or not, they’ve got the 7-second delay.

“You are not going to hear the language in the WWE, you’re just not. There is no upside to that besides p*ssing off their sponsors and potentially their broadcast partners.”

However, the legendary manager doesn’t think WWE would change too much about the three-time Dynamite Diamond Ring winner as they know it is his ability on the microphone that makes him special.

“You are, I think, still going to get what makes MJF special. Let’s face it, the reason that they would be hiring him is because of his incendiary ability to talk. He’s a good wrestler in the ring, a good worker, and wrestler and worker are 2 different things. He is good at both, but he’s not Saturo Siama, revolutionary new style or whatever. It’s his personality, like he said, ‘I’m not like these goofballs who have to go out and drop people on their head. I make you feel.'”

Finally, Cornette compared MJF to other great talkers in the company such as Edge, John Cena, and Paul Heyman, who are not given scripts to work through line by line.

“His strong point is his speaking ability, they are not going to try and make him do word for word like they do most people. If you notice, the guys that can talk in the WWE, Edge, that’s a story that was written for him, but it wasn’t written word for word. Cena, the guys that can talk. Brock I’m sure has a gameplan but deviates from it, because he forgets half of it when he goes out there. Heyman is a perfect example, can you imagine Heyman together with MJF? Can you imagine if Heyman gave MJF the Brock Lesnar mentorship treatment?”

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