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Jim Cornette Says Recent Malakai Black Segment Came Off As “Phoney”

Malakai Black Varsity Blondes

Jim Cornette has revealed that he was not a fan of a recent segment on AEW Dynamite which saw Malakai Black spray his black mist at The Varsity Blondes.

On Dynamite The Varisty Blondes of Griff Garrison, Brian Pillman Jr., and Julia Hart were set to be interviewed by Tony Schiavone when the lights went out. When they came back on the twisted Malakai Black was present and after removing his stag mask, he sprayed his black mist in the direction of Hart.

Now speaking on his Jim Cornette Experience, the wrestling legend has condemned the segment as “phoney” and questioned who helped produce the segment:

“Tony Schiavone is now there with Griff, Brian, and Julia, she’s just a cute, adorable little thing, cuter than a brand new speckled puppy. However, again, Tony asks Griff a question, Griff says 2 words and then the lights go out. When the lights come on, Malakai Black has appeared there in front of them, I would estimate about 6 feet in front of them. And he blows the mist at Julia Hart, but he is too far away, and it doesn’t get there.”

“She screams and sells it anyway, and drops to her knees in pain while the lights go out. Then the lights come back on and Malakai has disappeared, and they have left poor Brian Pillman next to her and kneeling next to her, with nothing else to say other than ‘Somebody get somebody!’ That’s a quote folks.”

Cornette continued:

“Who is producing this? Who is doing the walkthrough? Who didn’t tell Brian Pillman how to react? Who didn’t have referees, security, or doctors ready to run in? Who didn’t tell Malakai Black again to get closer to his victims? The mist will not go that far. Who? Who – is the question I have – thought that this segment was a good idea?”

“[…]This was as phoney as a football bat. Every time that Malakai Black does this he gets less over, because he doesn’t know how to do it and no one is explaining to him how to do it, and they are not selling it afterwards. Either get it right or don’t do it.”

On the most recent edition of AEW Dynamite Griff Garrison challenged Malakai Black to a match with Brian Pillman trying to call off his partner from getting in the ring with Black.

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