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Jim Cornette Believes Jeff Hardy’s AEW Debut Was Wasted

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Wrestling legend Jim Cornette has slammed Jeff Hardy’s AEW debut and thinks the company is wasting the opportunity of reuniting The Hardy Boyz with their storyline.

After months of speculation, Jeff Hardy debuted in AEW on the 9th of March edition of Dynamite, saving his brother Matt from a beatdown at the hands of The AHFO.

Speaking on The Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the former manager of soon-to-be WWE Hall Of Famer Vader gave his thoughts on Hardy’s debut and how he thinks AEW is wasting a big opportunity with The Hardy Boyz:

“Matt and Jeff Hardy have been reunited in AEW to face who? The Butcher and the Baker? Private Party? One of them is hurt I think. Andrade and Jose? F*cking hell! It’s like they got 15 minutes notice. ‘Hey Jeff is going to be here, let’s do something.’ They’ve had 3 months, and they’ve wasted this. Poorly planned out and poorly laid out.”

“A rotten heel group and a boring angle except for Jeff’s debut, which they were going to pop for no matter what. They have reunited The Hardy Boyz to work with job guys. What was his no-compete, 90 days? They’ve had 3 months. The point is that they reunited The Hardys and they are not going to be any more over than they are right now. They won’t start off, work hard, climb the ladder and become stars, they already did that years ago.”

“You are now on borrowed time, you don’t need to work them up, you start them at the top because time and indifference may work them down to the bottom. They had 3 months to know that Jeff was coming and maybe time to know that he didn’t fail that f*cking drug test that WWE ran him off about. They are obviously talking to his brother because he works there.”

Jim Cornette then offered his own opinion as to how the company could have dealt with the Matt Hardy split from The AHFO better:

“You can’t tell me as soon as there was an idea that The Hardy Boyz could be getting back together, that they immediately had Matt come out and tell his crew of job guys ‘I don’t know what I have been thinking. I’ve got a lot of sh*t going on that I have re-evaluated my priorities. Instead of trying to Hornswoggle you all out of priorities, I’ve got some sh*t going on with my family. I need some time to think and evaluate what I am doing and change some things. Your contracts, tear them up, you are free, fly away. I’ve got bigger fish to fry.’”

“Then, you’ve got several weeks for Matt to make veiled references about putting family first and how he wants to leave his legacy.”

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