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Jim Cornette Claims Jeff Hardy Shouldn’t Be A Singles Star In AEW

Jeff Hardy Marq Quen

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette does not want to see Jeff Hardy wrestle as a singles star in AEW and says he should stay in a tag team with his brother Matt.

Former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy was released by WWE on December 9th after he turned down an offer to attend rehab, following “erratic behaviour” at a live event. At the time, Hardy and his family said that the star was fine, and he was later proven to have passed company drug tests prior to his release.

Upon the expiration of his 90-day non-compete clause, Hardy joined his brother Matt in AEW on March 9th. The pair reunited in the ring the following week, defeating Private Party.

Speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary manager of The Midnight Express espoused his view that Jeff Hardy’s role in AEW should be in the tag team division and he doesn’t want to see him in singles competition:

“Bringing Jeff into the company and putting him in the singles title picture, if nothing else because of the complete rottenness that Matt Hardy has been involved in since this company started, it went from embarrassing to sad. But bringing in Jeff Hardy as a singles [wrestler], now you have got a 45-year-old daredevil that looks and moves like one more Swanton is going to break him in half and you are wanting him to carry the load in singles matches.”

“If this was 10 years ago then yes, they should have bypassed Matt directly for Jeff to go into the singles picture. But at this point, it would have been better for both of those guys as a tag team, even with Matt’s crummy booking over the past couple of years and nobody gave a sh*t about him anymore, you could still reunite The Hardy Boyz and in tag team matches.”

“Neither one of them would have to do sh*t that they shouldn’t be doing any more for their physical wellbeing, but that would have required a top heel team and a great angle to bring Jeff back into the fold with Matt and getting the high profile match done first so that the fans didn’t have time to see that they ain’t The Hardy Boyz anymore, they’re The Hardy 48-year-olds. Once they see through that, then your clock is ticking on the way back down on the nostalgia run. This has been botched in every way that it could be botched.”

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