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Jim Cornette Names Who Should Be Interim AEW Champion

Jim Cornette

Former wrestling manager Jim Cornette has given his thoughts on the one AEW star that he wants to see come out of Forbidden Door as Interim AEW World Champion.

Following the announcement that new AEW World Champion CM Punk required surgery on his foot, it emerged that AEW is going to crown an Interim AEW Champion at the upcoming AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door show on the 26th of June.

Speaking on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the outspoken icon gave his thoughts on the one AEW star he thinks can carry the company through these rocky times as interim champion:

“Jericho couldn’t get it straight on Rampage. He didn’t relinquish the belt, they are doing the Interim champion thing. So Punk is still the AEW Champion, but while he is out of action with an injury, they are going to crown an interim champion. They are going to have a Battle Royal next Wednesday on Dynamite, those always work! Everyone loves to be in them, the fans love them and they draw great ratings. Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice on all those things?”

“The winner of the Battle Royal will fight Moxley, and the winner of that will go to the Forbidden Door pay-per-view and will fight somebody from Japan, and that person will be the Interim Champion. The Battle Royal thing does anybody want to see a Battle Royal unless it’s a Royal Rumble, which is not a Battle Royal which is why it is good.”

But The Mad Hatter Tony Khan, this is his opportunity. He can go from the outhouse to the penthouse and turn chicken sh*t into chicken salad with Danielson. Danielson wins the Battle Royal and Danielson beats Moxley, we can’t have Moxley again, that would just be repugnant. Danielson wins the Battle Royal and beats Moxley, goes to the Forbidden Door pay-per-view and Danielson can work with all the Japanese guys, that’s his wheelhouse.”

“He can have a good match with whoever the New Japan guy is and Danielson can be the champion. Then when he comes back, you’ve got CM Punk vs. Bryan Danielson. That’s the only way I can see Tony Khan can make up for the letdown, it’s not Punk’s fault. Everyone gets injured and the timing is impeccable as it usually is with something like this. But they just crowned Punk champion, and now somebody has got to follow this for the next few months. Can anybody on that roster do it but Danielson?”

On the 8th of June edition of AEW Dynamite, a Battle Royal will open the show with the winner facing Jon Moxley in the main event. Meanwhile, at New Japan’s Dominion show on June 12th, Hirooki Goto will take on Punk’s original Forbidden Door opponent Hiroshi Tanahashi in a one-on-one match.

The winners of both those matches will meet in a singles match to crown an Interim AEW World Champion at Forbidden Door.

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