Jim Cornette -“If Ultimate Warrior’s Is Positive Then We Know They Had It In For Randy”

Jim Cornette Ultimate Warrior

Jim Cornette has reacted to former WWF and WCW Superstar Lanny Poffo’s criticism towards the WWE A & E Documentary based around his brother ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, with Cornette stating “if Ultimate Warrior’s is positive, then we know they just had it in for Randy Savage”.

On Episode 192 of Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru, the legendary manager would respond to Poffo’s Pro Wrestling Stories article calling out the WWE A&E Biography based upon the life and career of his brother, the legendary ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage.

Poffo, who now resides in Ecuador, would call out the biographical documentary for a number of inaccuracies and unfair judgments passed upon his brother, including incorrect allegations of Steroid use as well questioning the inclusion of Bubba the Love Sponge.

Poffo, known better to some as ‘The Genius’, would summarise his feelings towards the documentary stating:

75% of the A&E Biography episode on Randy Savage was great, 20% was lousy, and 5% was horrible.”

Responding to a question from several of his listeners, Cornette would respond to the article publish by Poffo and commenting on how it was evident this was written by Poffo himself and was clearly from the heart of the man.

Cornette would initially respond to Poffo’s response to allegations that Savage had locked his wife Miss Elizabeth in a closet, Poffo would state:

“Here’s the thing: The secret to a happy marriage is still a secret to me. I am a one-time loser. I was once married, now divorced.

The secret to a happy marriage is also a secret to someone like Jerry Lawler, who has been divorced three times. So I don’t know why he feels the authority to give marital advice.

Wrestlers love to make profound observations that they have overheard. Contrary to popular belief, my brother Randy Savage never locked Elizabeth in any closet in the dressing room.

What was Randy supposed to do? Let Elizabeth take a shower with Brian Knobbs?

It’s much easier to speak about it now that Randy’s gone.”

Cornette would defend Poffo’s justification, stating that it was not out of the ordinary for talent to desire to keep their wives separated from the rest of the locker room:

“Well, that’s you know, with all the guys roaming around in the buildings back then? You want to make sure there’s little a little partition between your loved one and the rest of those slobbering nincompoops?”

Poffo had also commented that the 5% of the documentary he classifies to be “horrible” are down to the inclusion and statements of Stephanie Bellars and Bubba the Love Sponge.

“The people responsible for the 5% are Stephanie Bellars (Gorgeous George, Frankenstein, whatever) and Bubba the Love Sponge.”

Cornette would reference back to his initial comments on the documentary and agreeing with Poffo’s comments in particular a disapproval of the inclusion of Bubba the Love Sponge:

“Basically the same shit we said. Why? Well, we can understand why Gorgeous George was in there, but why the fuck was Bubba the Love Sponge in there? That was a little much.”

The legendary manager would summarise Poffo’s feelings of anger and defend the former Superstars feelings stating:

“He’s just he’s indignant over the way that his brother and his family in extension of that was maligned by the people at A&E”

Jim Cornette would state that should the upcoming A&E documentary on The Ultimate Warrior focus heavily on the positive actions of the former WWF Superstar and not on many of his controversial events then it will be evident that the Randy Savage documentary was made with the intention of harming Savage’s reputation.

“If Ultimate Warrior’s is positive then we know they just had it in for Randy Savage because he’s the only other dead one.”

Summating his statement, ever the wordsmith Cornette would discuss his feelings towards The Ultimate Warrior:

“What a fucking uncircumcised prick he was his almost entire life.”

Poffo and Cornette are not the only names to react negatively to the A&E Biography on Randy Savage, WWE Hall of Famer , Eric Bischoff also reacted negatively to the final product with Bischoff in particular stating that he was “embarrassed” to be a part of the documentary.

You can read Lanny Poffo’s statement in full over on Pro Wrestling Stories, and you can read more about Bischoff’s reaction here on ITRWrestling.com

You can listen to Jim Cornette’ Drive Thru in full on YouTube.

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