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Jim Cornette Hits Out At “Preposterous” Famous Finisher

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has branded one particular finishing move “preposterous,” claiming that it only succeeded because of the popularity of the person performing it.

Throughout wrestling history there have been an incredible number of popular finishing moves, but very few have risen to become iconic.

While moves such as Stone Cold’s Stunner, Undertaker’s Tombstone, and Randy Orton’s RKO look devastating, that is not always the case. Despite being one of the most popular stars in history, The Rock’s People’s Elbow never quite carried the same threat.

The main criticism being that the recipient has to lay in the ring for an extended period before taking what is a fairly non-descript elbow drop. Yet, it helped him win a number of World Championships and cement his status as a WWE legend.

Speaking on a recent episode of Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru, the legendary manager discussed moves that appeared to be ridiculous, but worked because of the person executing it. When asked if there was another move as “stupid” as the People’s Elbow that worked because of the performer, Cornette had one answer.

“The classic example, and I’ve used it and it remains true, is Steve Austin’s stomp a mudhole in somebody. The only person that could get away with that was Steve Austin because he was over like God in church. The stomps looked like sh*t.

Think of every really major attraction in wrestling, and there has been something screwy that they have done that no one else could get away with that people would laugh at, before they laughed at it on purpose. I’m talking about when people were not laughing at wrestling. The main event guys, 90% of them would do something that no one else could get away with, but because they were so over, people couldn’t see it [being ridiculous] and they were blind to it.”

Turning his attention to The Rock, Cornette explained that people soon got over the ridiculousness of the move when it meant working with the Great One and making more money.

Yes, Rock, the elbow thing was preposterous and it was a throwaway thing. I didn’t remember if he did it to specifically to pop The Undertaker, but the people went crazy. And every time they go crazy then you do it again. He had got to the point where they would buy that, but can you imagine if any other wrestler did that and they were not over like The Rock was at that point.

The guy down there would be like ‘I’m not gonna lay here for 20 seconds while you f*cking criss-cross the ring this is ridiculous. This is one of those things if they do it now, but at that point in time, the other guy would have said ‘No I’m not going to lay there because it makes me look like an idiot’ Until The Rock did it and the place blows up, because The Rock could do no wrong.

Then it’s ‘I’m making more money than I have ever made in my life because I am working with The Rock. I’ll lay here for 20 seconds.’ But that was a concern of the people in those days because it didn’t make a lot of sense. I say they all do it now, because all these guys were watching 20 years ago. But now, no one is there to say ‘See what that guy just did? Don’t do that, you can’t get away with it.’ So now they all do sh*t like that whether they can get away with it or not.”

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