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Jim Cornette Hits Out At The Fiend

The Fiend Bray Wyatt holding his face

Jim Cornette has condemned the once-popular WWE gimmick The Fiend calling Bray Wyatt’s character “rotten, embarrassing, fake, phoney, bad bullsh*t.”

Bray Wyatt has not competed in a wrestling ring since his release from WWE in July 2021. Previous to that Wyatt last wrestled for WWE at WrestleMania 37 where he portrayed his popular character The Fiend as he lost to Randy Orton.

Speaking on his Drive Thru podcast, Jim Cornette revealed he for one was not a fan of the creepy character and has no interest in seeing Bray Wyatt again because of that character:

“People want to know where [Bray Wyatt] is. I have no idea why. I have no idea why anybody is interested in The Fiend after the Firefly Funhouse and the crispy critter from Canyon Creek got burned alive, and all that hocus-pocus science fiction, horror movie mumbo jumbo.”

“The most insulting, rotten, embarrassing, fake, phoney, bad bullsh*t I’ve ever seen in wrestling – and they still want to know, ‘Where is he and when’s he coming back?’ If he wants to retire, I’m all in favour of it. I might have liked the guy but when I saw The Fiend, nah.”

Jim Cornette also expressed his view that if Bray Wyatt was to appear as a version of The Fiend in AEW, he would be booed mercilessly by the fans of that company.

h/t Sportskeeda