Jim Cornette Hits Out At AEW For “Doing The Impossible”

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette isn’t a fan of AEW’s recent booking.

Despite already holding the AEW World Championship, MJF is back in the hunt for more gold. The star was recently paired with Adam Cole as part of the Blind Eliminator Tournament — the winners earning a shot at the World Tag Team Titles.

Although they initially didn’t get on, an unlikely alliance has developed between the pair resulting in a number of comedic backstage segments. This included dancing in the ring during a recent episode of Dynamite.

While the segment produced laughs among the crowd and on social media, Jim Cornette was much less forgiving. The legendary manager said on his podcast, the Jim Cornette Experience, that AEW had now achieved the impossible — he doesn’t care about MJF.

“I have to say that they had done the impossible and made me not give a sh*t about MJF,” Cornette said. “I just put this on speed search at that point because what the f*ck. I’m sure whatever the rest of the sh*t that they did was, the people in the building loved it and I’m sure that they’re gonna continue to love it. But goddamn it, I can’t watch this f*cking fake silliness with children. It’s, if nothing else, disrespectful to the wrestling business, but also, again, long-term, not good.”

What Has Jim Cornette Said About MJF Before?

Although he’s not a fan of MJF’s current booking and storylines, this hasn’t always been the case. Speaking back in March, Jim Cornette hailed MJF’s match with Bryan Danielson a “classic,” and heaped praise on the star for his heel work.

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