Jim Cornette Heaps Praise On ROH Legends The Briscoe Brothers

The Briscoe Brothers

Speaking on the latest episode of the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the legendary manager, who has worked alongside some of the greatest tag teams in history, reserved special praise for ROH mainstays The Briscoe Brothers.

Mark and Jay Briscoe have become synonymous with Ring Of Honor, having worked with the company since its inception in 2002. Save for an 18 month absence in the mid 2000’s, the pair have performed for the company for its entire history.

While Jay has enjoyed the most success as a singles star, winning the ROH World Championship twice, the brothers have enjoyed incredible success as a team. Winning the ROH World Tag Team Titles on 11 occasions.

However, in recent weeks and months there has been tension between the brothers, which has set up a clash between the pair this coming weekend, July 11th. At the urging of Papa Briscoe, the pair will settle their differences on their family chicken farm in Sandy Fork, Delaware.

After tweeting his support for the match and a recent ROH hype package, Cornette has now expanded further in his praise for the brothers.

Speaking on the most recent episode of his podcast, Jim Cornette, who has seen his fair share of tag team wrestling, was effervescent in his praise.

“Everybody knows I’m a big fan of the Briscoe’s. Mark and Jay are probably, they’re not the best in-ring tag team in the world, they weren’t as of last year, because that was FTR just as pure workers. But, The Briscoe’s are a tremendous and unique tag team, and probably two of, maybe the two of the best personalities in wrestling today. Just to be completely truthful to who they are, and what they are, and how they come off. Maybe the best personalities in any wrestling company today. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a long time, they’re doing a brother to brother thing, but it’s not, thankfully it’s not a rip off of Bret and Owen Hart, and where the younger brother is a whiney heel or whatever. And it’s not as dry and the famous match between Dory and Terry [Funk] which was a Japanese tournament final, and you got to see them wrestle, but there wasn’t any emotional reason behind it.

This one, they’re just two brothers, who’ve been crazy and fought each other all their life, and have fights to settle their differences when they’re at the farm.”

Cornette continued calling Papa Briscoe “a better promo than most of the guys in the business today,” before describing the brothers as “crazy as a couple of rainbow trout’s in a carwash.”

“They’ve got the f***ing look. And somebody mentioned this on Twitter, when I tweeted out that video package. They said here’s the difference, if either one of these Briscoe Brothers, much less both of them, came up to me on the street and were mad at me, I would turn around and start running, whether I had a bat or a tyre tool or whatever the f**k, I’d get the f**k outta there because they look like they’ve f***ing kill me…

The Briscoe’s look like who they are. They talk like who they are. They work like who they are. And I’m a fan, and I’m going to watch this.”

Cornette later discussed the Briscoe’s brief flirtation with WWE in the early 2010’s. The wrestling personality suggested that the team would have been “emasculated” if they had joined the company, later adding they should have been the biggest team in the business.

In closing, Cornette pondered who might be a good team to go up against the Briscoe’s from AEW or WWE. Again, the podcaster referenced FTR as two stars who could have produced something special with the ROH legends.

“Here’s the thing, FTR would have been an incredible fit, and some people may say it would be a clash of styles. No. If you had the Briscoe’s as the kick-ass bayfaces, and FTR as the Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson style wrestling heels, there would have been contrast, but everybody is still good enough, they could have torn the f***ing house down. The Briscoe’s best matches actually, I thought, were not even against Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, which you would think because Haas and Benjamin were more real and more experienced, but it was with Hero and Claudio [Castagnoli] because they just had a better style that meshed…”

You can watch the promo video for the ‘Fight on the Farm’ here.

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