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Jim Cornette Heaps Praise On Hook Following AEW Debut

Hook makes his entrance

The eye-catching in-ring debut of Hook has caught the attention of Jim Cornette who said that the rookie delivered an impressive and smooth performance.

On the December 10th episode of Rampage, AEW finally sent for Hook and the second generation star made his in-ring debut to a raucous reception.

The son of wresting legend and AEW announcer Taz first appeared on-screen back in November 2020. In recent weeks and months Hook had become something of a cult-figure with fans, with the clamour for the young star’s debut increasing seemingly by the minute.

By the time Hook arrived in the ring the hometown crowd were in full voice. The debutant didn’t disappoint his public with an impressive display aggressively and quickly seeing off the challenge of his rival. During the short bout he threw in one of his father’s signature suplexes, bringing an end to the action with a Taz-mission.

The performance drew praise across the board from fans and fellow wrestlers alike. It also appears that the young star has caught the attention of Jim Cornette. Speaking on Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru, the legendary manager was effusive in his praise for the debutant.

I was going to watch one match [on Rampage], but you made me watch another so I ended up watching two…

I’m wondering if they should go ‘Here comes Hook!’ You remember the Daredevil comics ‘Here comes Daredevil the man without fear.’ It could be ‘Here comes Hook, the man with weird hair.’ This hair is going to be the most over hair in the wrestling business. I think people have called it an unfortunate head of hair in the past or whatever, but the hair fits him perfectly. His opponent was Fuego Del Sol, the luchador from Alabama. So obviously they wanted somebody who is athletic enough to do his sh*t and at the same time is small enough so he can move him around and whatever. The spotlight was on Hook here, and I love this f*cking kid.

Before, we have not seen enough to know if he can do anything or not, it was like a rib of there’s Hook, and there doing nothing. But f*ck, he’s in great shape, but more importantly, he’s got attitude. The facial expressions and the way he comes off when he is heeling the people, and he was heelish in his demeanour. He’s got some natural things, I know Taz has been training him and he has been training with a bunch of different people. But he’s got sh*t you can’t really teach if his personality was a bag of wet f*cking lettuce.”

Cornette continued, explaining that although there were little things for the young star to improve on, his work inside the ropes was incredibly smooth.

“He just carried himself really good, especially when he was getting really over and he knew he was doing really well, he got a little extra oomph. But the judo throws, he is smooth with it and he’s just got a different kind of style to everybody else. A lot of it is his aggression, even though he is green he is aggressive, and he’s not out there scared to say boo to a goose. Finally, we foiled ol’ Fuego’s DDT, hit him with a clothesline, hit the Taz-plex thing that Taz used to use. He needs work on those cross-faces, but then he rear naked choked the guy and he [Fuego] tapped out and it was great.”

The Louisville Lip said that the debut had exceeded all expectations, closing by saying that he really enjoyed the performance.

“Remember a couple of months ago you can’t see, and this wasn’t the greatest debut in wrestling, it wasn’t like it was Ronda’s debut at WrestleMania, where there was more high priced talent involved and there was more rehearsal. I said on the show a few months ago that you don’t see anybody anymore where when you first see them you’re like ‘Wow! Oh!’ Like you used to. In this case, they managed to do it because if anything, from the way he has just been hanging around, and he got physical several months ago and threw some kicks that didn’t do him any favours.

All of a sudden he is exceeding expectations, and people are getting into it. It was a combination of a really good debut and people were just surprised, because it was better than they thought it would be and had a right to be. I really enjoyed it.”

It has since been confirmed that Hook will be back in action at AEW Rampage Holiday Bash when he takes on Bear Bronson.

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