Jim Cornette Heaps Praise On “Classic” AEW Match

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has given his take on the main event of the AEW Revolution pay-per-view.

With many calling this the greatest Ironman match in the history of wrestling, the World Championship match between MJF and Bryan Danielson is still the buzz of the community days after the event.

Jim Cornette Rates Highly AEW World Championship Match

Speaking on the Drive Thru podcast, Cornette spoke highly on MJF’s heel work, including the controversial spot involving a small child in the audience:

“MJF bailing to the floor and throwing the water on the kid. Oh my god, what boos it got? Well, I heard that from from the scrum afterwards, I heard that it became a deal and it was f*cking classic. It was f*cking great. And he said to the camera is this gonna cost me a star Dave?’ When he was stalling. He got heat by slowing it down like the heel would because Danielson is too good of a technical wrestler. But then they told the stories that Danielson has the bad shoulder, so naturally MJF is going to start working on that. But at the same time MJF was able to do that wild f*cking flipping cannon ball thing and land on his feet but supposedly sell his knees. So is his knee bad or not? We don’t know.”

Along with the match being an instant classic, MJF continued to impress Cornette by how he behaved in the post-show media scrum:

“And I was amazed also because everybody, like MJF said I think at the scrum he said everybody thinks I don’t do all his sh*t, well, I do it, I just do it when it’s necessary. Because he did that hammerlock DDT that looks f*cking wicked out on a guy that has had concussion syndrome.”

While the match was praised highly by Jim Cornette, it was described how rivalry itself could have been improved. Cornette believes that the Ironman match should have been the follow-up to a regular match between the champion and challenger:

“But here’s where I realised they’re not even halfway through this match. Can you imagine, as good as already, they had some chemistry with each other, if they had actually been in a normal company and been the employee of a normal booker, and the first match that they had with each other was just a regular world title match. Maybe it didn’t have any time constraints and maybe MJF would f*ck Danielson in a one fall match in like 30 minutes. And then Danielson would challenge to this. Or maybe they would even go for you know a f*cking goddamn hour the first time and then said Well, how about most falls in an hour whatever. But something where we didn’t just come into the middle of the movie. With the first time the two guys are ever in the ring, they’re going in an Ironman match, most falls in an hour.”

While Cornette was a big fan of the main event, one match in particular on the undercard was labelled as an embarrassment to wrestling.

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