Jim Cornette Reveals How He Would Handle Misbehaving Talent

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has given his two cents on how he would have dealt with a misbehaving talent in a wrestling promotion.

Wrestlers’ backstage conduct has been the talk of the town recently due to the reports of backstage chaos in AEW.

In recent months, there have been physical altercations CM Punk and the Elite, and more recently, Andrade El Idolo and Sammy Guevara.

Speaking on the latest episode of his “Jim Cornette Experience” podcast, the former wrestling promoter has discussed how he would have managed these situations.

If the talent was someone like Andrade, Cornette says he would have them sit out the remainder of their contract out at home, to the point where wrestling fans would forget about them.

“I mean, they aren’t seen in public. A lot of guys won’t care, going into the mailbox every week getting a f*cking check and never be seen in public, that would be a dream job for some people.

“But most of these guys these days, are so mark-ish, they would definitely rather take a large cut and pay and work and just ruin their career.

“If you’ve got them for two, two and a half years, if they have to sit home and they can’t do anything else, everybody’s going to forget about them.

“Except, you’re not going to do that to a Punk level person. He sat at home for seven years people didn’t forget.

“But Andrade? And I would assume he couldn’t work in Mexico either if he’s under contract to AEW.

“So if guys are specifically trying to get fired, to go back to the other company, if Tony wants to stop that he’s going to have to set the precedent that you might get sent home and you might get paid, but you will be in a federal witness protection programme. If I’ve got you for long enough people will forget you ever existed before you can ever get in a wrestling ring again.”

Jim Cornette then turned his attention to Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, blaming the EVPs for causing such a large roster in the Jacksonville-based promotion.

“And then Tony, meanwhile, takes his lumps and pays that money out for being stupid enough to sign a lot of these people to begin with on the say so of a bunch of his currently suspended EVPs.”

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