Jim Cornette Gives His Thoughts On CM Punk’s AEW Return

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette was a big fan of CM Punk’s return to AEW and he believes the star said all the right things to all the appropriate parties.

The legendary Midnight Express manager heaped praise onto Punk’s promo from “AEW Collision” as he broke every bit down for his listeners on the latest “Jim Cornette Experience.” One matter that stood out to him immediately was a line Punk kept using throughout his soliloquoy.

“I don’t like the word ‘catchphrase,’ it’s a trademark line for him. ‘Tell me when I’m telling lies.’ Which might be something that he can use quite often around that place…”

Cornette continued to praise it as a “brilliant, double edged promo,” noting that CM Punk played into the continuity of the AEW product but it appeals to the ardent fans that know the behind-the-scenes elements of the company’s ongoing drama.

“There was enough remarks without coming out and saying things that he addressed that too. And with the pops that he was getting from the crowd, one would think that Chicago would fall into that category of being the people who were up on it. And, you know, again, he said, for those of you who feel they’re owed an apology, I’m sorry, the only people softer than you are the wrestlers you like, and we know exactly where that’s going.”

Jim Cornette Thought Punk’s Promo Was A ‘Mic Drop’ Moment

Being a pro wrestling purist, Cornette added that he thinks Punk closed out his promo by putting the primary focus on where it should be: the AEW World Heavyweight gold.

“And then a brilliant line was he reminds everybody when he reminded them that he won the belt and never lost it. He said, ‘Because I didn’t have the best dog collar match, I won the dog collar match. And this is mine until somebody pins me or submits me. And until somebody can fill these boots, they belong on my feet.’ Mic drop, boom. 12 minutes. He had them on the edge of their seats. They liked everything he said. It was well done. It hit all the right spots. And here we go.”