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Jim Cornette Believes Top Guys FTR Are “Being Sabotaged”


Wrestling legend Jim Cornette has had his say on the way some stars are used in AEW and singles out some top guys that he says are “being sabotaged” by the company.

Jim Cornette is a man that knows more than most about tag team wrestling given his long association with The Midnight Express. Speaking on his Drive-Thru podcast, The Louisville Lip gave his thoughts on the AEW World Tag Team Title bout at Full Gear between FTR and The Lucha Brothers.

Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero M retained their title but the ending of the match involving masked members of FTR and a wrong man being pinned left Jim Cornette less than impressed:

“The finish of that match…I actually wrote down “is this sabotaged?” [FTR] are being sabotaged. There is no way, whether you like the Lucha Brothers or not, if you like the Lucha Brothers you will like this match. If you don’t…which I have seen FTR against as many luchadores that I wanna see. It’s a complete opposite style from theirs.”

“It’s not doing [FTR] any good at all. But the finish of that match was ludicrous and whoever called for it – or was there a walk-through where somebody could see how rotten this was gonna turn out in advance and made them do it anyway… I don’t have an answer for that.”

The end of the match saw Cash Wheeler don the Los Super Ranas mask that he and Dax Harwood had worn when they captured the AAA Tag Team Championship from The Lucha Brothers. Harwood was the legal man in the match but given Wheeler put a mask on, the referee supposedly couldn’t tell.

Reports emerged after the bout that an injury to Dax Harwood could have changed the finish to the match. Wheeler and FTR’s manager Tully Blanchard were seen later in the night attacking PAC and Cody Rhodes but Harwood did not come to the ring for that segment.

h/t Sportskeeda