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Jim Cornette Explains Origins Of Long-Standing Feud With Vince Russo

Jim Cornette Vince Russo

Jim Cornette has revealed the origin story of his long-standing feud with former WWF and WCW writer and one-time WCW World Champion Vince Russo.

Cornette has made verbally eviscerating Russo part of his persona for decades now. Only referring to him by his given name rather than his own nickname for him on very rare occasions, Cornette’s loathing of Russo has become a part of wrestling folklore in itself.

Now for those that don’t know or need a reminder, Jim Cornette has established the roots of his feud with the New York-native on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast.

Cornette began:

“You know the story with me and Russo, that was over Chyna’s match. That one time we had the thing in the hallway and he went to Vince [McMahon] on me. We had a Monday Night Raw, two hours long. There were eight matches, we did the production meeting and six of the matches were going to end in disqualification. And I’m shaking my head already. I’m one of the agents and whatever matches I have, not only Raw matches but we did other stuff that night so I’m flittering around. By the way, I was never an agent for Chyna, for any of her matches because I was never an agent for anything involving [Shawn] Michaels and Helmsley [Triple H] because Vince already knew how I felt about them after the curtain call. So it was always either Jack Lanza or Pat Patterson if it was a pay-per-view.”

“So I never had to f*cking work with that group as the agent and I was happy with that. I was over with the guys that were more serious about the wrestling business and not being divas or prima donnas. One of the production assistants comes up because I’ve got the Raw format and I’m working off of it. If there’s any changes you’re supposed to be told. And [I get told] they’ve changed the finish in Chyna’s match with one of the girls. It was a match with a girl. [Chyna] was gonna lose, there was going to be some f*cking business, I think she was gonna lose it. They changed it to a DQ. I said ‘What?!’ and [was told] ‘Yeah Triple H went in and talked to Russo.’ Oh Goddammit.”

With another DQ on the cards, Jim Cornette went to discuss the matter with Russo but found Russo was dismissive of his concerns:

“So I go and I find Russo in the hallway, I said ‘Vince, you just made another one a DQ? Now we’ve got seven DQs out of eight matches on this programme. It wasn’t even who was in it, it was just the idea of that’s ridiculous. It’s just garbage, garbage lazy booking. [Russo] looked at me when I said ‘We’ve got seven out of eight DQs now, do we need to do this?’ He said ‘DQ shmee Q, nobody cares’ and turned around like he was gonna walk off from me. I swear it’s a quote. Here’s the thing I had gone over to him in the corner of the hall in the arena. If people are walking around but we’re having a quiet discussion. I said ‘We’ve got seven DQs’ and then loudly and with a look on his face like he knows something about wrestling that I don’t, which is goddamn ridiculous and does ‘DQ shmee Q, nobody cares’ and starts to walk away and that’s when I said ‘I tell you what motherf*cker, you’re gonna care in about a year, year and a half when you’re back running a f*cking video store because you put this whole place out of business!’ And all the boys heard that.”

With tensions now running high, Cornette says Russo then went to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to complain about Cornette:

“Instead of coming back and getting in my face and asking me if I wanted to say anything further or could we settle this or do we need to go out in the parking lot or I’m sorry or boo to a goose or anything, he just puts his f*cking tail between his legs and slinks off down the hallway and goes to Vince’s office and says ‘Vince, Cornette was yelling at me and talking down to me in front of the boys. So then Vince goes and gets JR and says ‘JR go find out why Cornette’s talking down to Vince Russo and yelling at him in front of the boys.’ So JR a few minutes later comes up to me ‘What are you doing talking and yelling at Vince Russo in front of the boys?’ I said ‘I’ll tell you exactly what happened and I told him exactly what was said and everything I just said to you. I said ‘We were talking quiet, he decides to bow up at me, I’m not gonna f*cking take it, he’s a piece of sh*t and if he’s got anything to say to me he can say it to me personally but that’s why it happened and I’m not apologising to anybody.”

“JR goes back and tells Vince McMahon ‘Yeah Cornette was f*cking registering his consternation that we had seven DQs on the programme and Vince [Russo] got loud and Cornette got louder.’ And Vince McMahon believed that and that was the last I heard of it. By the way I was off by nine months. I said it’d be a year, a year and a half, it was two years and like nine months before Vince Russo was back running a video store in Atlanta after he had put WCW out of business.”

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Credit: Jim Cornette Experience

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