Jim Cornette Weighs In On Eddie Kingston & Sammy Guevara’s Altercation

Eddie Kingston Sammy Guevara

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette has given his forthright take on the situation between Eddie Kingston and Sammy Guevara that led to Kingston’s suspension.

It was recently reported and subsequently confirmed that Eddie Kingston had been suspended by AEW following an altercation with Sammy Guevara. The pair had been due to meet at All Out, but the match now appears to have been scrapped.

It was reported that the issues stemmed from Guevara referring to Kingston as a “fat piece of sh*t” in a promo which was later edited from Rampage. The Spanish God claimed that he hadn’t been told by Kingston that any topics were off limits so delivered the heel promo as he saw fit.

However, Kingston was unhappy with the comments and got into a heated confrontation with Guevara when he got backstage. The end result was a suspension for the Mad King.

Now speaking on his Experience podcast, Jim Cornette has had his say on the situation and says he thinks both men were in the wrong:

“Apparently, did you hear this, the reason that Eddie Kingston got suspended for 2 weeks. They didn’t announce it until the suspension was up, but he got suspended for 2 weeks for trying to pie face Sammy Guevara back in the locker room because Sammy called him on a television ‘a fat piece of sh*t.’”

“[…] Sammy Guevara in the process of promoting his match with Eddie Kingston calls him a fat piece of sh*t. Well, now the only reason I didn’t call Dusty Rhodes a fat piece of sh*t is because we couldn’t say sh*t on television back then.”

“A lot of people say that you shouldn’t say that because Dusty was fat, well that fat piece of sh*t was going to beat the f*ck out of all 3 of us anyway, so he was going to get even. But apparently, Kingston got mad at this, went back screaming at Sammy, tried to pie face him and they had to get in between them and Kingston got suspended.”

“Kingston has come out and apologised and said that he shouldn’t have tried to handle it that way, he’s not happy that Sammy said that, he is sorry for the way that he handled it. Whereas Sammy came out and made the statement ‘I don’t understand. Beforehand I told the people who I was working with what I didn’t want said. Kingston didn’t say anything about what he didn’t want said.’”

“I like Kingston, Sammy is apparently getting too big for his britches with the whole power couple thing with Tay Melo and all the other things. He is already rubbing people the wrong way and has been disciplined a few times for having a big mouth. But in this case they are both wrong.”

Jim Cornette continued by adding that never in his vast experience of running his mouth on babyfaces in wrestling, did anyone tell him beforehand about something they didn’t want to be mentioned:

“Eddie Kingston, that’s his gimmick, he looks like a fat piece of sh*t. He looks like a f*cking guy from the mechanic’s place on the corner. We have talked about this, he’s the every man, he doesn’t have a tan, he does have a fat belly.”

“He wasn’t going to get a chance in wrestling until suddenly he got the chance based on coming out, making a splash, and having that article written about him where it tells his compelling life story. And the whole gist of it was that he wasn’t supposed to be a star or on TV, because he looks like sh*t.”

“So he gets mad because the heel calls him a fat piece of sh*t? He’s probably gonna win and beat the heel that called him a fat piece of sh*t. But conversely, here’s Sammy out there like ‘We talked about what I didn’t want mentioned.’ Do you have any idea in my career as a heel manager I have had a babyface come up to me and say ‘Here is what I don’t want you to talk about.’ Take a guess. Zero!”

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