Jim Cornette On Why Dwayne Johnson vs Roman Reigns Is Different From Other Part-Timer Vs Part-Timer Matches

Roman Reigns The Rock - Dwayne Johnson

Despite no official comment from WWE or the performers involved, it is widely believed that Dwayne Johnson will face Roman Reigns in a huge main event at WrestleMania 38. While the sheer star-power involved in such a match up will make for box office viewing, fan response hasn’t been all positive. With both Reigns and Johnson not being full-time wrestlers, some have questioned the wisdom of building WrestleMania around two part-time stars.

However, Jim Cornette has claimed that a potential bout between the pair would be different to a usual match between two part-timers.

Dwayne Johnson Will Only Come Back For One Match

Speaking on his podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary manager said that the fact that Johnson aka The Rock doesn’t need to wrestle again, makes the match a different prospect. Cornette added Reigns could even emerge as a bigger star after beating The Great One.

“You see this is a different case. The Rock, obviously he doesn’t need to be anymore over, and obviously he doesn’t need to have another match. And obviously, if he does have another match, it’s because he wants to and the one he specifically wants to have, and that’s with Roman Reigns. And because even though Reigns is now kind of a part time guy, you could still make Roman Reigns even bigger if he beat The Rock. And because it’s a family connection, I think that’s what they would probably do.

So that could be a mega drawing match. And again, even if people wanted to see The Rock win they would understand that he didn’t because also, and maybe it’s not even for the f*cking title. Maybe it’s a personal issue where they swerve the people, it’s non-title that way they think Rock will win but he still puts Roman over that could happen. But Rock says I don’t want the title, I can’t have the championship. I’m a movie star but this one thing to settle who is the head of the table?”

Dwayne Johnson hasn’t wrestled a match of any real note since 2013 when he lost to John Cena at WrestleMania XXIX. Although he has cut back on his wrestling appearances, Roman Reigns remains a regular presence on WWE television. The Tribal Chief will be back in action at Survivor Series when he leads The Bloodline into Wargames against Sheamus, Butch, Ridge Holland, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens.

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