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Jim Cornette Discusses The Release Of “F*cking Mental” Drake Wuertz

Jim Cornette Drake Wuertz

Cornette then referenced rumours about Wuertz storming out of a meeting held by Triple H and arguing with people that chose to get vaccinated:

“They’ve said that he’s actually been browbeating some of the other talent that gets vaccinated or even gets a flu shot. He refused to wear masks when he was working in the Performance Center and setting up the ring right before one of their big outbreaks they had. And did he did I hear this right? He stormed out of a Triple H speech because he didn’t like the idea that they should be tolerant of all religions instead of just the one bullsh*t one that he’s convinced is true.”
“What did they say? About 10 or 12 of the talents were uncomfortable with him, refereeing them, being around them, breathing their same airspace. I don’t blame them. Did he not know – how the f*ck did he not know that this was going to take place when you are actually in your official garb making political statements at political meetings or blowing off your official job to go to the same meetings and stir up 15 f*cking trailer park Trump dwellers in the audience with your nonsense? Now we’re here and he’s calling around. Not in a fit of pique, but in a fit of desperation. Please book me.”