Jim Cornette Demands AEW Fire Jon Moxley – “He Needs Mental Evaluation”

Jon Moxley vs. Adam Page AEW Revolution

AEW Revolution saw the final bout in the ongoing battle between Jon Moxley and ‘Hangman’ Adam Page as they competed in a Texas Death Match.

The two have been feuding for months, with Adam Page enraged after Moxley knocked him out during a previous AEW World Title match. The two each held a subsequent victory over each other ahead of AEW Revolution, and things came to a head on the February 23rd episode of Dynamite when they engaged in a bloody brawl following Jon Moxley‘s victory over Evil Uno.

As expected, the Texas Death Match was also a bloody affair, with barbed wire, chairs, and even a kitchen fork employed as weapons. In the end, Page was victorious, and both men were left with vicious battle wounds.

“He Thinks He’s Freddy Krueger” – Jim Cornette On Jon Moxley Following AEW Revolution

One man who wasn’t a fan of the violence on display at AEW Revolution was legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette, who had harsh words for both Moxley and Page following their bout.

Speaking on a recent episode of Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru, the veteran manager asked why either man was still allowed to have a job in All Elite Wrestling, calling out Page for his controversial part in drama surrounding CM Punk.

“They want somebody to vent their frustration at why these two are allowed to honestly at this point have a job in this company. And I know you know Hangnail, old Adam Page, they should have jerked a knot in his tail when he did the thing with Punk. But that cost the company a lot of money and lost viewership and revenue and time the snowball, he started rolling down the hill.

Continuing, Jim Cornette blasted Jon Moxley, saying he needs “mental evaluation” because he continues to perpetuate “garbage deathmatch” wrestling.

“With Moxley, the f*cking expiration date has come to where he doesn’t need rehab, he needs mental evaluation. That’s where he should have gone. Somebody needs to f*cking check and see what the goddamn deal is going on in this f*cking guy’s head. He thinks he’s Freddy Krueger.

“Even though he looks like f*cking Freddy the freeloader, and he refuses to use the accidental celebrity and fame that he has gotten by virtue of him being pushed by the biggest company in the f*cking world for that period of time to where now people know who he is, but because he was pushed by that company that kept him away from doing sh*t like this, because they apparently, early on, figured out he’s a f*cking mental incompetent and would let him do this sh*t.

“Now people think he’s a star. And when he does this sh*t, it gives validation to them to want to do this sh*t too and it inspires more of these garbage deathmatch, indie outlaw wannabee mud show, mutilating freaks to go about their f*cking business and Tony Kahn allows it.

“Both these motherf*ckers should have been fired not only for having this embarrassment to professional wrestling, but also again, the people that the fans paid to see we’re coming up in a main event in a match that was gonna go an hour and as we found out, was also going to have blood.”

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