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Jim Cornette: ‘Darby Allin Makes The Rest Of The Business Look Bad’

Jim Cornette Darby Allin Jeff Hardy

Jim Cornette has once again blasted AEW’s Darby Allin for allegedly making everyone else look bad, stemming from Allin’s daredevil wrestling style.

Jim Cornette is rarely complimentary of modern wrestling, specifically those who don’t conform to his style of wrestling. Darby Allin has found this out numerous times, seemingly always wrestling at the behest of Cornette, with the latest occurrence coming from the former AEW TNT Champion’s recent outing vs. Jeff Hardy.

Aired on the 11 May Dynamite as a quarterfinal match in the men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament, the match featured a spot wherein Darby Allin Swanton Bombed off a ladder onto ‘The Charismatic Enigma’, who was strewn across eight chairs at ringside. Darby barely connected, instead landing hard across the steel setup.

Reviewing the match on a recent Jim Cornette Experience episode, the legendary wrestling manager claimed that Darby Allin performing such dangerous spots makes the rest of the business look terrible in comparison:

“I would never have anything in common with this f*cking guy, we would never speak on a personal basis. But with his wrestling he made the dives look good, he had some intensity and underdog charisma. People like him and they want to cheer him, so in a wrestling context, if he wasn’t legitimately a moron and could control himself and it was a work, I would get into this. But because I know that he does this sh*t legitimately and does this for kicks, doesn’t care if he gets hurt or not, and makes the rest of the business look bad.

This motherf*cker is taking 20-foot backdrops and getting up from them, the main event guys can’t withstand half of that so it makes the business look like sh*t. It also fosters the idea that they need to top this sh*t so they need to do something more dangerous.”

Jim Cornette has previously slammed the match in question, claiming it was in poor taste for AEW to allow such a spot from Darby Allin while honouring the late Owen Hart:

“By the way this wasn’t even the finish! There was 5 minutes left in the show after that bump, and they both got back in the ring. I don’t know what happened after that because I turned it off, I reached my limit. That was not the finish, a 20 foot backdrop off a ladder onto metal chairs on a concrete floor.

That was not only not the finish, but they are honouring Owen Hart by having a f*cking guy choose to fall from a great height while doing something that he had no business doing. Owen didn’t make that choice, he knew it was bullsh*t for him to be up there.”

Jeff Hardy ultimately defeated Darby Allin to advance to the semifinals, where he was defeated by Adam Cole on the 18 May edition of Dynamite. Cole will now meet the winner of Samoa Joe vs. Kyle O’Reilly in the tournament finals at Double or Nothing on 29 May.

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