Jim Cornette Compares Dante Martin To Susan Boyle

Dante Martin Susan Boyle

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette has made a staggering comparison between AEW’s breakout sensation Dante Martin and 2009 Britain’s Got Talent star, Susan Boyle.

Dante Martin broke on to the scene with his brother Darius as tag team Top Flight in AEW in late 2020. With Darius out of action after suffering an injury, Dante has made the most of his opportunity as a solo act and lit up AEW rings with his acrobatic wrestling style.

At AEW Winter Is Coming, Dante Martin had the chance to win the Dynamite Diamond ring in his bout with MJF. Ultimately, thanks to a distraction from Team Taz’s Ricky Starks, MJF was able to defeat the young star and win the Dynamite Diamond for the third year in a row.

Speaking on his Jim Cornette Experience, the former manager of The Midnight Express gave his thoughts on Dante Martin’s presentation and made an interesting comparison between Martin and unlikely Scottish singing sensation, Susan Boyle:

“If he went to the gym and put a bit more weight on, he would be great in a mask. You cover that face up with something more attractive, is the only way to say it. Cover that f*cking face up, it’s droopy. He’s not excited, not mad, not anything. He is confused, it’s a confused-looking face. It has to be the whole package. You remember that Susan Boyle, she won that singing contest. “

“She looked like a mud fence and sang like an opera star, but it didn’t fit. Part of the reason why she won was because it didn’t fit, you wouldn’t think that the voice was coming out. Well if you have that guy with that athletic ability, but absolutely no personality in his face until he gets older and gets some, put a mask on him and make him the kids hero that does all the flying and acrobatics and everything and has a cool outfit for the kids. Keep it short and let him learn.”

While Jim Cornette is a noted wrestling historian par excellence, his Britain’s Got Talent knowledge clearly needs work. Susan Boyle did not with the third series of the talent show but in fact finished as runner-up to street dance troupe, Diversity.

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