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Jim Cornette Believes Dan Lambert Has “Finished Off” His Own Character

Dan Lambert

Jim Cornette has commented on Dan Lambert’s role in AEW and thinks the American Top Team head honcho has “finished off” his own character on the show.

Lambert began appearing on AEW programming in 2021, first ostensibly as a guest with his American Top Team fighters before transitioning into a spokesman role for The Men Of The Year, Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page.

Lambert’s laments on modern wrestling have seen many AEW stars take him to task as Chris Jericho led the charge against Lambert when his Inner Circle defeated ATT and Men Of The Year at Full Gear.

More recently Dan Lambert has incurred the wrath of the Nightmare Family led by TNT Champion Cody Rhodes. Rhodes recently defeated Ethan Page on AEW Rampage while Brandi Rhodes confronted Lambert as he ran his mouth on AEW Dynamite.

Now, despite Lambert dropping his name on Dynamite, wrestling legend Jim Cornette discussing AEW on his Drive Thru podcast thinks Lambert’s character has run out of steam:

“I hate to say it because I liked him when he started, but Dan Lambert has run out of gas, bad. […] Lambert was good for the first few weeks because it was off the top of his head and saying things like we would say because he is a long-time wrestling fan. [Things like] ‘this sh*t is stupid, silly boring, and fake, all these kids are playing.'”

“It wasn’t new material, but it was mostly what he felt, and he had some emotion when he said it. Then they carried it on, and even though Jericho finished it off when they beat up Dan and left him laying, they still carried it on into that goofy match where they beat up Lambert again.”

Jim Cornette went on to chastise Lambert for not admitting in an interview that although he believes much of what he says, he’s still just playing a role:

“He is still around, and now, not only have they taken all the heat off, but he did an interview with one of the sites where he said ‘Well a lot of that stuff I say, I really believe.’ A lot of it? He admitted he was employed by AEW, so that finished it off.”

“And now, Dan, you are reciting your memorised script, it sounds as phoney as a football bat. You are reciting verbiage, there’s less feeling in it now than when you started. He got heat at the start because he told the truth and a lot of the things that the fans didn’t want to hear, and it sounded like he meant it.”

“But after several weeks of getting beaten up, admitting to playing a character and writing a script, it’s not good anymore. And now they are trying to put him in the position of trying to get Cody cheered, which not even Genghis Khan and Atilla The Hun could accomplish these days.”

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