Jim Cornette Criticises “Mark” Ronda Rousey Over Thumbtacks Pitch

Ronda Rousey

At Extreme Rules, Ronda Rousey recaptured the SmackDown Women’s Title from Liv Morgan in a bruising anything goes match. Rousey picked up the win as she wedged Morgan’s head into a version of a triangle choke with a chunk of broken table helping Rousey put Morgan to sleep.

Speaking on her YouTube Channel, Ronda Rousey explained that she had an original plan to use thumbtacks using the match but suggests that she was told that “legally” WWE won’t be using that particular weapon going forward:

“I pitched the finish to be on thumbtacks. She would put down the thumbtacks and powerbomb me on the thumbtacks and then as a repeat of our finish before, I would go for the armbar on the thumbtacks and they would start counting the pin. Then I would have to push up to my one shoulder. Like into the thumbtacks to keep the armbar… Liv would be like bite her hand, trying not to tap out and pass out face down into the thumbtacks and have her hand protect the face.”

“They said we can’t use thumbtacks anymore. That legally we can’t like purposefully, like, injure people, like, cut through skin and stuff. I don’t know.”

Now speaking on his Drive-Thru podcast legendary wrestling figure Jim Cornette has taken issue with Ronda Rousey’s pitch labelling the Olympic bronze medallist as a “mark” for her suggestion:

“Well, here’s the thing. What would she have said if she was in the UFC or in the Judo competitions in the Olympics or whatever the f*ckin’ case? Say ‘well how about some thumbtacks on the match or thumbtacks in the cage?'”

“Just another mark that’s being pushed at a high level in the business, who actually wants to do sh*t on thumbtacks because it’ll be ‘fun’ and ‘cool.'”

h/t Sportskeeda