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Jim Cornette Compares Adam Cole To Rowdy Roddy Piper

Rowdy Roddy Piper

Former NXT Champion Adam Cole is reportedly a man in demand.

After meeting with Vince McMahon at the August 6th taping of Friday Night SmackDown, it emerged that Cole was wanted by both RAW and the blue brand. The meeting was said to be positive and McMahon took a liking to Cole on a personal level.

The meeting took place after it came to light that Cole’s contract with WWE had expired in July and he had been working under a verbal agreement. The deal will take him through SummerSlam weekend.

Cole initially signed with WWE back in 2017 and has been a permanent fixture on NXT ever since. This has led some to question whether the former ROH star would ever be called up to the main roster.

Speaking on the latest episode of his Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru podcast, the legendary manager revealed how he would ‘sell’ Vince McMahon on Cole’s abilities.

“For one thing a lot of people don’t necessarily want to argue with Vince when they know he’s either got his mind made up or he’s leaning in a certain direction, the more often that you disagree with Vince McMahon the more likely he is not to want to suffer you in his presence. I was one of the only ones that just didn’t give a sh*t because I was cranky and I was like ‘no listen to this.’ But I think that anybody that Vince trusts could sell Adam Cole to Vince if they did it, because what you have to do is draw parallels or straight lines or whatever to something that Vince has enjoyed. Has seen work, has the logic and the way he thinks that if something will work you have to equate it there, and then you give a guy a chance to do what he does and prove Vince wrong, to Vince in his mind without anybody telling Vince he was wrong. If that makes any sense.”

“Remember he was wrong about Mick Foley. He didn’t want to hire Mick Foley and then he wanted to make him Mason the Mutilator or whatever. Mick had enough people trying to to pitch for him and let him do things to show to Vince how good he was that Vince would like, that he got the opportunity, and dodged a few of those stumbling blocks along the way. Then once Vince saw the creativity behind the guy, and that he wasn’t just the bump guy or the guy with the bad body or whatever then he became a huge fan of Mick Foley.”

Expanding further, Cornette praised Cole’s all-round ability as a performer, both in and out of the ring.

“Adam Cole can work his ass off. Adam Cole can have tremendous matches. Adam Cole’s technical work and his selling and all the things that go into the in-ring performance are excellent. Adam Cole also looks like an athlete just unfortunately he looks like a small athlete, but he also looks like a Rockstar because he’s a handsome guy. He’s got the hair and he’s got the look and his promos, he takes that horsesh*t, all that ‘happy horsesh*t’ as Ole Anderson would say, that they give these guys to say in these long drawn-out dramatic stories and somehow he verbalizes these things and crows and gets himself over in a manner that it makes it look natural that he’s saying these things, that he might be the guy saying this, rather than he’s saying something somebody told him to say.”

In explaining how he would ‘sell’ Cole to McMahon, the manager turned podcaster, said that he would use examples from WWE’s past. With regard to Cole, he compared him to Rowdy Roddy Piper as someone who was seen as ‘small’ in there era, but could still be a huge success.

“When Roddy Piper first entered the WWWF at that time, was it still the WWWF in 82… it was still the WWWF. But Piper was put into the position something similar to like when they they got him into Atlanta by being the commentator and then worked him in. He was a wrestler but you saw him as a commentator. Piper was in the what they used to call the player/coach position. He wasn’t a manager per-se, he was a wrestler and acknowledged as a wrestler, but he also had guys around him that he did the talking for. Obviously the first Wrestlemania, Roddy Piper was the the key to the heel team.”

“The point is, the knock on Piper when he got into business at first, before he got bigger, and he was bigger than Adam Cole, but he was still small for that era so they made him sort of a player/coach to where he’s got heels around him. The point is I would draw one of those parallels.”

“I’d say Vince this guy can talk his ass off. He can get some heat. He’s got that cocky personality, he can work but we don’t need to feature him as a wrestler. Put him on TV in five minute matches with guys that are complete flunkies and let him win and crow about it. Let people be going ‘oh he’s f**king beating nobodies.’ Meanwhile he’s still getting wins he’s still on TV, and find two heels, not a tag team, but just two other heels that Vince kind of cares about but he’s knocked them because they can’t talk. Is there any way that we can fit them in into Adam Cole’s periphery like the Undisputed Era were…. Can you find two other heels that Vince is sold on, bigger guys not giant, they don’t have to be giants but bigger guys that can’t talk, that’s the missing part of their puzzle, and suddenly they form a little friendship. Then it’s the modern day Ernie Ladd, Ivan Koloff and Superstar Billy Graham, the trilogy of main event heel terror.”

Cornette explained that by taking this approach and spreading the angle out over a period of time, it would give McMahon chance to come to value Cole on the main roster. However, Cornette questioned that while Cole could be a success, a lot depended on whether those around the WWE Chairman were willing to pitch the former NXT Champion to McMahon, and risk being seen as “wrong.”

It has recently been announced that Adam Cole will face Kyle O’Reilly in a 2-Out-Of-3 Falls match at NXT TakeOver: 36.

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