Jim Cornette Comments On Viral Lawsuit

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has one of the most popular wrestling podcasts in the world if not the most popular. Many people tune in to hear him and co-host Brian Last critique and in some cases skewer various controversies and happenings within the world of pro-wrestling.

On several occasions, Cornette has finished his thought by promoting his various sponsors, one of which is Stephen P. New, a lawyer and partner at the firm New, Taylor & Associates.

But now it looks like Jim Cornette might need this sponsor for himself after he was named as a defendant in an unusual lawsuit.

On the 479th episode of his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, Cornette described in detail how he is being sued in the US District Court Southern District of New York. He is among multiple defendants in a lawsuit filed by Trenesha Biggers, better known as Rhaka Khan from her time in TNA/IMPACT wrestling.

The charge? Conspiracy to kidnap her and her children.

Jim Cornette being sued along with several defunct wrestling promotions, retired wrestlers, and Chris Benoit

Cornette, who had a position of influence in TNA around the time of Rhaka Khan’s tenure there, is one of multiple defendants named in the lawsuit.

Per Cornette’s podcast, the other co-defendants include:

“The state of Texas, the El Paso CPS, the FBI, the Las Cruces Police Department, the NYPD, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, OmegaPsiPhi Fraternity Incorporated, SigmaPhiEpsilon, Suffolk County, The Rock (specifically listed as such and not as ‘Dwayne Johnson’) The Miz & Maryse, Heath Miller, Nikki Bella, Chris Benoit, Mark Jindrak, the now-defunct Panda Energy, Home Depot, Florida Championship Wrestling, Steve Keirn, the NWA, Billy Corgan, Deep South Wrestling, Bank of America, Michael Jordan, Mick Foley, NYC-area energy company Khan Edison, and countless others too numerous to list here.”

As soon as Cornette finished listing the above names, he further noted that he wasn’t aware that the case even existed.

It was further noted that none of the defendants have been served their papers to appear in court as of this writing. Furthermore, Rhaka Khan is seeking $USD 3,000,000,000 in damages.

This situation goes back to 2019 when Khan was listed among El Paso’s Most Wanted due to an issue with a child custody case.

She was alleged to have interfered in a court judgment, and because she was involved with some legal issues that led to her being arrested, she interpreted the state taking her children from her custody as “kidnapping”.

Regarding their relationship in wrestling, Jim Cornette noted that he was an agent/producer in TNA but didn’t get involved in any of the women’s segments or matches. He further noted that his interactions with Rhaka Khan were limited to small talk and she wasn’t mentioned as a subject or topic on any episode of Cornette’s podcasts.

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