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Jim Cornette Comments On Recent Arn Anderson Promo On Dynamite

Arn Anderson

Jim Cornette has offered his thoughts on the already infamous promo from Arn Anderson on a recent episode of AEW Dynamite.

On the September 29th edition of the show, Cody Rhodes teamed up with Lee Johnson to take on Dante Martin and Matt Sydal. Despite Rhodes and Johnson eventually picking up the win, Arn Anderson wasn’t in the mood for celebrations.

After the match Tony Schiavone stepped into the ring to interview Rhodes who began by calling out Malakai Black. The Dutchman has already beaten The American Nightmare on two occasions and wreaked havoc across the Nightmare Family. At this point Anderson grabbed the microphone and publicly scolded Rhodes for how he lost to Black and AEW Grand Slam.

Anderson closed the vicious put down by telling Rhodes that if someone was stealing his car he would let them take it. Whereas Anderson would pull out his Glock and spill the car-jackers brains on the concrete.

This led to a series of ‘Armed Anderson’ memes which have been the talk of social media ever since.

Addressing the promo on The Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary manager found humour in the fact Anderson was now a meme, before praising the promo. Cornette explained that the segment gave the WWE Hall of Famer chance to be the real Arn Anderson.

“Tony Schiavone gets into the ring with Arn, Cody and Lee and people are booing Cody until he called Malakai Black out; they cheered for that. They wanted to see him get kicked out again by Malakai Black, but Arn shuts him up. And for once Arn fired him up. Remember, I have said the only couple of times he has done any kind of promo it didn’t come out as an Arn Anderson promo. But here he basically just told Cody that he didn’t have the killer instinct. He made himself multiple memes on the internet when he said, “the difference between you and me is Cody.. if someone at the gas station pulls a gun on you and tries to take your car; you say here take it. Whereas I would pull out my Glock and spray their brains all over the concrete.” So now on Twitter he is Armed Anderson [Laughs]. He left Cody standing there. It was a good promo because finally Arn had something to talk about,”

At AEW Grand Slam, Rhodes got a notably negative reaction from the New York crowd for his match with Black. This continued into his appearance on Dynamite, where he was booed for the duration.

Commenting on the shift in crowd response, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently suggested that Rhodes should turn heel.

However, Rhodes has already seemingly ruled out a switch to the dark side, saying that he would retire before turning heel.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.