Jim Cornette Comments On John Cena At SummerSlam And Cardi B

John Cena Roman Reigns

Jim Cornette has given his take on the rumours the John Cena could be set to make a return to WWE, with the possibility he is the man to headline SummerSlam opposite Roman Reigns.

Cena has been rumoured to be in talks with WWE to see him make a return on their first live show back on the road following the global pandemic. That show is due to take place on the 16th of July with SmackDown taking place in Houston.

Speaking on his ‘Jim Cornette Experience’ podcast, the legendary manager of The Midnight Express gave his take on what a potential showdown between the sixteen-time champion of the world and ‘The Tribal Chief’ would look like.

Cornette stated:

“Can you imagine Cena and Paul E. with the promos? And they’ll have a good match because the people will be into it.”

Cornette then commented on the rumoured potential host for SummerSlam, rap superstar Cardi B:

“They have a lot of hosts. Cena will draw, I’m not sure Cardi B will. I’ve heard the name Cardi B and I’ve seen pictures of Cardi B on Twitter while scrolling. If you held a gun to my head I couldn’t tell you what she’s sung. I assume she’s a rapper, most people with initials in their name tend to be rappers these days.”

[…] They might actually get somebody outside of the small bubble of people that watch shows these days by having John Cena’s return to the ring. I don’t know about Cardi B.”

Jim Cornette has also commented on the recent furore caused by John Cena’s comments on Taiwan being a country followed by his fulsome apology to China.

Credit: Jim Cornette Experience

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