“This Sounded Uncomfortably Legitimate” – Jim Cornette Comments On Recent Becky Lynch Exchange

Becky Lynch & Bayley promo battle

Becky Lynch and Bayley have been all over the news in recent days following the Cage Match that never was.

On the 30th anniversary edition of Monday Night Raw the two long-time rivals were due to try and settle their issues but things didn’t quite go to plan. Despite the match being heavily advertised it was dropped and replaced by a brawl before the match could begin. With Lynch beaten down by Damage CTRL, the segment ended and the match never started.

It was later revealed that this was down to the opening segment involving The Bloodline overrunning.

Jim Cornette Comments On Becky Lynch And Bayley Segment

The match had been set up by a promo segment the week before with the pair trading increasingly personal insults. Reflecting on the segment on his podcast, the Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary managed said that everyone involved looked uncomfortable., but it worked as a “promo that draws money should.” Even if it did feel like the eight-minute segment “seemed like 20.”

“So then we’re an hour into the programme by now. And Becky Lynch comes to the ring. And she comes through the people like Moxley, and people like Becky, and she calls out Bayley. And here comes Bayley out with her Stooges, Kai and Sky. And they started arguing with each other and Bayley argued that her name wasn’t Karen.

It was like they were trying to do a routine where Becky was calling her a Karen, which is the modern, you know, a moniker for some bitch that complains a lot. But she was [saying] my name is not Karen. They went back and forth. And Becky said Bayley peaked in 2015. And Bayley says, Becky, you took my job, and it all should be mine. Some of this sounded uncomfortably legitimate, but at the same time, not uncomfortably legitimate, like a promo that draws money should.

It sounded more like just uncomfortable for the people involved in it. Bayley looked like her feelings were really hurt. At one point she had that f*cking quiver lip. So Becky challenged Bayley for cage match next week. And Bayley accepted and Becky walked off. And this was eight minutes it seemed like 20.”

It has been reported that Becky Lynch was originally scheduled to win the Cage Match with the beatdown set to take place after the bell.

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