“They’re Scared Sh*tless Of Him” – Jim Cornette On The Young Bucks’ Issues With CM Punk

Jim Cornette and The Young Bucks

Jim Cornette believes there’s a legitimate element of fear when it comes to The Young Bucks resolving their issues with CM Punk.

Cornette spoke with Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes for a recent interview and was asked about The Young Bucks taking shots at CM Punk during AEW programming, but also not being available to the media since the infamous “Brawl Out” incident took place. Cornette thinks that Matt & Nick Jackson are trying to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to their situation with Punk.

“The reason for that is on television is they can say, ‘Well we were “playing” heels,’ but in the locker room they’re scared sh*tless of him and don’t want him anywhere around because he beat the sh*t out of them.”

Jim Cornette On How There Wasn’t Fear Of One Another During The Territory Days

Cornette keeps eyes on the AEW product as he reviews “Dynamite” on a weekly basis for his podcasts and the legendary manager can empathize with the likes of CM Punk or a team like FTR in how pro wrestling should be presented. His philosophy on wrestling is much different than how The Young Bucks perceive it to be, but Cornette believes that bleeds over into the locker room mentality as well.

That’s the difference in this and the previous era of the wrestling business is that even if a guy lost a fight he wasn’t scared to be around the f*cking guy. He was just p*ssed off about it and either left the territory or sucked it up and lived with it, but nobody was scared, and they’re scared.

Cornette’s notion could be further perpuated by the assumption that there will be a “brand split” between “Dynamite” and “Collision.” The Young Bucks just suffered a loss at the hands of The Blackpool Combat Club in the main event of AEW Double Or Nothing, a match that Cornette was highly critical of.

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