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Jim Cornette Claims Hulk Hogan Is Guilty Of Certain Style Of Lie

Hulk Hogan

Jim Cornette has said Hulk Hogan is guilty of “Fictitiousness” when speaking about his own greatness.

Responding to a question on Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru about who the biggest liar is in wrestling, the legendary manager said it wasn’t easy to answer because there are different styles of lie just like there are different styles of wrestler. He singled out Hogan as being someone who was guilty of a “fictitiousness” about how great he is.

“It’s like the best worker in business. Well, what style of lie? An entertaining lie that doesn’t hurt anybody that’s a story to tell in the locker room, or fictitiousness about how great you are personally, like how Hogan is guilty of, so many times. Or just lying to get something out of somebody or to work them. You know, Paul E has been noted by other people to have experience in the past. He’s never really lied much to me because I knew ahead of time and didn’t have that many dealings.”

Cornette went on to explain that wrestling is all about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ lies, with the bad lies coming from the bookers and promoters, while the good lies were from the wrestlers telling tall tales in the locker room.

“Wrestling is all about good lies and bad lies. The bad lies come from the bookers, the promoters, and the people that underhandedly wanted people to do s***, that might not be in their best interest, because they wanted them to do it. The good lies are all the stories that the guys used to tell in the locker room when they’d walk in because that’s all you had to do. You didn’t have a TV in the locker room, there was no cellphone, there was no internet. If someone brought a transistor radio in that may be unusual. You sat there and stared at each others ‘Peter’s’ and told f****** ridiculous stories.

He also said he thinks that’s the reason that “nobody’s a good promo” in modern wrestling because the art of telling ridiculous stories has been lost.

That’s why everybody used to be a good promo, [laughs] and now that’s why nobody’s a good promo, because nobody tells good stories.”

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