Jim Cornette Claims The AEW Roster “Disrespected” The Main Event Of Double Or Nothing

Jim Cornette

Legendary wrestling personality Jim Cornette is certainly not shy of sharing his opinion.

The 61 year-old is likely best known for his high-profile stints managing legendary tag teams The Midnight Express, Owen Hart & The British Bulldog and The Heavenly Bodies, whilst he also saw success in the WWE in the mid 1990’s managing dominating singles stars Yokozuna and Mantaur.

Behind the scenes, however, he is a highly respected former booker and owner of Smoky Mountain Wrestling as well as the co-owner, head booker and head trainer of Ohio Valley Wrestling, which served as a developmental territory for WWE from 1993-2000.

OVW was the training ground for a wealth of future WWE talents, including John Cena, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar and Batista.

These days Cornette is a successful podcast host, and his outspoken views often hit the headlines. The Kentucky native is often critical of the booking of AEW, a trend that continued recently with his review of AEW Double Or Nothing.

Jim Cornette Slams AEW Roster For Not Respecting Main Event

Speaking on a recent edition of The Jim Cornette Experience, the outspoken legend was highly critical of the AEW roster for a perceived lack of respect for the Main Event of Double Or Nothing, which pitted The Elite against the Blackpool Combat Club in a Anarchy in the Arena match:

“At this point I don’t know which I am more confused by; why anyone would want to watch this match or why anyone would want to do it.

Even if they were going to do a garbage match main event, they didn’t protect it. Every other match tonight was the same thing, no rules, do whatever…so, I was always taught that’s disrespectful to the main event if you do what the main event is going to do.

In this case it’s everything but they didn’t even protect their own garbage wrestling, they let everybody else step on the main event guys, even if this is something that deserves to be stepped on like a cockroach.”

Later on the podcast, Cornette would go on to pan the Main Event itself.

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