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Jim Cornette Claims Chris Jericho Leaving Wouldn’t Hurt AEW

Chris Jericho

Jim Cornette has made the bold claim that AEW would not be hurt if Chris Jericho decided to leave the company.

On a recent episode of ‘The Jim Cornette Experience’, the legendary manager spoke about ‘The State of AEW’ as it approaches the third anniversary of the company’s formation. He began by comparing WWE to AEW, saying that AEW is a lot easier to watch and more exciting than the well-established WWE.

“No wonder the fine folks in WWE can’t figure out what is going on, because this programme [Dynamite] is so much easier to watch than theirs. It’s more exciting than theirs in the good stuff. This show is much more like pro-wrestling than anything that WWE is producing.

“Now that they have talent in AEW, whereas before they were short on that. You can’t watch a WWE show anymore, you just have to acknowledge that this is boring, the other stuff at least is more exciting.”

Cornette went on to talk about AEW contracts beginning to expire, saying that several names have disappeared from the weekly TV shows recently.

“The good thing is, it’s almost been three years, and some of these contracts are coming up. One would have to think that we will, I mean someone already sent in a tweet saying we haven’t seen Jelly [Joey Janella] in months, we haven’t seen Sonny Kiss in months

“Even if he is not making a public announcement like the WWE does ‘We wish them well in their future endeavours…’ because we just fired their ass, it’s turning over. We haven’t seen those people in a very long time and probably never will again, thankfully. Because now there is talent in.”

He also said he wants to see AEW “get rid of” the Young Bucks, who he refers to as the ‘Hardly Boyz’, as he believes that would mean “we can have a wrestling show”, although he admits that it’s unlikely to happen.

“If there is some way that we can reignite the interest in the part of the WWE in the part of the Hardly Boyz, so that they would make a big offer, and The Hardly Boyz could accept it. Well I heard they re-signed, but they can go and do comedy in fantasy land, and we can have a wrestling show if they just get rid of The Hardly Boyz. But Tony is personal friends with them, and even if he knows at this point, he doesn’t want to tell them that they f*cked up his company for the last two years. We are just getting the chance to see what it could be without their influence.

When asked if he thinks losing another big name, Chris Jericho, as well as the Young Bucks would hurt AEW, Cornette can’t see how, and went on to claim it would bring the average match quality up.

“[Would losing Jericho and The Bucks hurt AEW?] I don’t see how. The people are going to come that like AEW, regardless of who is on the card, because they like AEW. It’s like an ECW thing. But no, the match quality would go drastically up if we didn’t have to see The Hardly Boyz all the time. And Jericho, we wouldn’t have to see him latching onto the guys that can still go and trying to sap all of the interest off of them, that would make a better show as well. If they lost Danielson, they lost Punk, it would hurt. Jericho and The Hardly Boys, eh.”

Chris Jericho shocked the wrestling world when he was one of the biggest wrestlers to announce he was ‘All Elite’ at a rally in January 2019 to promote AEW’s debut event, Double or Nothing. He went on to become the inaugural AEW World Champion and formed one of the earliest factions in the promotion, the Inner Circle.

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