Jim Cornette Calls Out “Childish” Tony Khan Over Vince McMahon Tweet

Jim Cornette Vince McMahon

Jim Cornette has hit out at AEW President Tony Khan over his “childish” response to Vince McMahon announcing his WWE retirement.

On Friday July 22nd 2022, WWE witnessed the end of an era. Vince McMahon announced that he was retiring as CEO and Chairman, ending his more than four-decade long stay at the helm.

In response to the announcement, AEW President Tony Khan decided to have a little fun on social media, by toasting his own success. Khan thanked fans for helping him become the “longest tenured CEO in professional wrestling” before plugging the upcoming episode of AEW Rampage.

Speaking on the latest episode of his Jim Cornette Podcast, the legendary manager discussed McMahon’s retirement, as well as Khan’s response.

With regard to the AEW man, Cornette branded him “childish” and said that he acted like a fan.

But Tony can’t help but be an adolescent kid about this sh*t. Of all the things he could have said that just comes off so stupid and childish. Yes, he’s been the CEO of his own company, he started with his daddy’s money three years ago.

[Brian Last mentions that is the same thing that Vince did]

But at least he actually used some of the money that would technically go to him as the owner to pay for it. But the point is, I’m sorry Tony. But when you can brag about being a CEO for 40 years or whatever, then that’s something to brag about. But just because the other guy quit running and there’s nobody else in the race doesn’t really make you goddamn f*cking superstar.

Who was that guy that ran the four minute mile Roger Bannister? I don’t think Tony’s in that company yet, I think it’s delusional. And maybe if he worried about trying to act more professionally, instead of acting like one of his most ardent fans in the seats, he would have a little bit better public image than f*cking Rick Moranis on goddamn meth.

[Asked about if the situation was reversed, would Vince make a joke?] Probably, but he wouldn’t tweet about how Tony got sent to his room, or whatever. No, it’s just so stupid. It’s the the owner of the company acting like the fans, and that’s just stupid. But it looks like, as we’ll talk about later on in the programme, you know, his show looks like a fan f*cking produced it.

So there you go. But again, positive or negative, whatever you think Vince, Tony Khan needs to start acting like the boss of a national, televised wrestling promotion instead of a fan booking from his basement, but that would require him to change his entire life.”

Following Vince McMahon’s departure, it has been announced that Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan will act as co-CEO’s. Meanwhile, Triple H is now Head of Talent Relations and head of creative.

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