Jim Cornette Believes Brock Lesnar’s Signature Match Style Is Being “Overdone”

Brock Lesnar & Bobby Lashley

WWE Crown Jewel 2022 opened with the heavyweight clash between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. The pair had previously met at the Royal Rumble, but there was more than a little unfinished business. After a spell on the side lines, Lesnar returned to WWE in early October costing Lashley his prized United States Championship.

This reignited the rivalry from earlier in the year and the match at Crown Jewel was set. At the event the former World Champions threw just about everything at each other over the course of six frantic minutes before The Beast scored the win. However, the victory was far from clear cut with Lesnar falling back on his rival to get the win despite being still trapped in the Hurt Lock.

Brock Lesnar’s Current In-Ring Style Might Not Be Working As Well As It Did

During a recent episode of his podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary manager gave his thoughts on the clash between the pair. Cornette stated that while this kind of fast and furious match which comes littered with finishing moves can be effective, it might now be being overdone.

“So they start out with Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. My God, what are we doing? And Lashley jumpstarts it because he’s the offended party from last time as I recall, and he hurts Brock’s leg to give Brock something to sell and it’s an all big move match. They’re just gonna, this is kind of like the Heyman blueprint that he’s putting on these guys. 2 spears and then a spear through a barricade and another spear and then Brock comes back with a German and another German and another German and an F5 for a two count.

Nobody’s gonna grab a headlock, there’s gonna be no hip toss arm drag. But with these guys, there shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, I think the bad thing is because this kind of match works, they’re overdoing it to the point where it’s eventually not going to work as well. It may be already there where it doesn’t work as well as it once did.

But anyway, so again, you know, Bobby does his post thing where he runs the post while he’s over his shoulders. Goes for a Spear Brock foils it Bobby hits a spinebuster gets the hurt lock. And the thing that Brock showed here in this match is that he can sell his ass off and he will when it’s called for. Because he was not only selling that leg like a champ earlier but he sells the Hurt Lock.

And it’s believable, you know, there was emotion to this. And I’m thinking boy, this is really this is going good and then all of a sudden while he’s in the full nelson the Hurt Lock brought kicks off the turnbuckle and they do the, was that Bruno and Stasiak? Or was that Pedro? Who was that?

One of the oldest f*cking finishes in the world when somebody needs to get a fluke when kick off the turnbuckle a guy’s got the full Nelson but he’s pinned 123. But nevertheless that they were doing good and I was like in the match it is two big f*cking monsters and then all of a sudden [it’s over].

That was kind of a let down, I wrote really?? with two question marks on my notes. I know they want to extend it and they can’t beat either one of these guys flat out convincingly with no out or bitch or room for gripe or whatever but boy that wasn’t exactly a Pat Patterson f*cking special finish there. Okay, just kick off the buckle and pin him. That kind of led me down at the end.”

During the podcast Cornette also moved to praise Logan Paul and Roman Reigns for their efforts in the main event. The wrestling veteran turned podcaster credited both men for their work, but suggested that they had been undone by the amount of interference which led to the finish of the bout.

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